Revised Camp Forms

New on the Fliers & Forms page:

WV District Youth Camp Application, Rules, & Regulations (revised 2010)
This single PDF contains all the needed forms related to WV District Youth Camp: Camper Application, Worker Application, plus Camp Rules & Regulations. The file was revised May 28, 2010. Download size: 169 KB.

A Few Thoughts as We Unveil the New Site

Note: The following message was emailed to our subscriber list. We are posting it here for the benefit of those who have not yet either subscribed or registered.

Dear Friend of WV UPCI

Today we rolled our email subscriber list over from the old site to the new site. (You are receiving this email because you are a subscriber in that list.)

Check out the all-NEW! The site went “live” earlier this week. Although we still have some work to complete and some minor bugs to iron out, we’re off to a great start.

You’re already a subscriber, but wait… there’s more!

Please consider registering on the site. It’s free, fast, and easy. Why?

You will be going beyond just being an email subscriber. By registering you get a free upgrade from “public subscriber” to “contributor.” Plain old subscribers can receive emails and can post comments, but registered members (contributors) can do all that plus submit articles (for potentially being published on the site). Just click “register” in the right hand menu (near the top).

Also note that you can link your Facebook account and your WV UPCI account to each other, making your log-in’s hassle free.

(Examples of content for potential publishing would include revival testimonies, miracle testimonies, or praise reports from you or your church, event photos, etc. Post all your great testimonies under the “Reach WV” category. You can post conference reports under “All/District”, or Bible Quizzing results under “Quizzing”, etc.)

Simple steps to post your content:

  1. If not already registered, go to and click “Register” (upper right corner).
  2. Once you log in, you should see your “Dashboard” for the site.
  3. Point your mouse to “Reach WV” or some other appropriate category at the top, and click “Add New” in the dropdown menu.
  4. Type a title in the first box, and add your content in the second box.
  5. Click “Submit for Review” on the right side.

That’s it!

One note about event photos: If you want to post them, you would need to contact us at and request to have your registered status as a “contributor” be upgraded to “author.” When you email us, let us know who you are, where you go to church, etc, and we will process your email as an application for upgrade.

If your status is upgraded, then thereafter a new set of upload/insert buttons will appear on the posting form, just above the buttons for Bold and Italic, etc. Simply click the first one of those, then browse to your photos, select them, and upload them. They will be uploaded and “attached” to that post (i.e. become part of its “Gallery”). Then simply “Save Changes”, and click “Insert Gallery” at the bottom, and click “Publish Article” on the right side.

Thanks for participating to make our district web site the best ever!

Pastor Doug Joseph
Site Admin

PS: The following WV UPCI pastors/ministers are already registered and have been upgraded to ‘author’ status:

Pastor Steven Joy (who has already posted event photos!)
Pastor Larry Kapp
Pastor Fred Kitchen
Pastor Tim Hopkins
Pastor David Johnston
Pastor Jeffrey Jett
Rev. Lorrin Godwin
Missionary Robert Kelley

Pentecost Sunday: Joint Service

Reach WV logo 1575x0900 (PNG file)

On Pentecost Sunday (May 23, 2010) six churches were represented in a join service hosted by Gateway Apostolic Church (UPCI), Parkersburg, WV (Pastor Steven Joy). There were five churches from Section 3 of the WV District UPCI, as well as one church from the ALJC (Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ), that was Davisville Community Chapel, in Davisville WV (Pastor Ray Seebaugh). See photos below!

Social Networking Bridges

Earlier we posted that we had established the bridge from the district’s new web site and the WVUPCI Twitter account, meaning those who follow us on Twitter will automatically know something new has been posted here.

Now we have established the bridge from the district’s new web site and the district’s Facebook account. This means we can send published posts over to WV UPCI's Facebook. (Note: We ask that you click there and "LIKE" the page (become a fan), as we need at least 25 fans before we can obtain a "friendly" URL for the page. Thanks!)

This also means that anyone can log into the WV UPCI site by using your Facebook login. Logging into one will log you into the other. You can also post comments with that login. (Creation of an account on this site is a simple step on your first time in.)

Work on New Site is Progressing – Updated!

We have established the bridge from the district's new web site and the district's Twitter account. This post and all future posts should show up on Twitter.


We have 'gone live' by switching the new code so it functions on our main domain ( You should now be reading this on our main, regular (.org) domain!

Psst: This does not mean we're done with building the new site. It just means we've gotten enough done that we're ready to move the rest of the construction phase over to the regular domain, so everyone can start enjoying the site while we progress in our ongoing work.

Update #2:

We have established the bridge from the district's new web site and the district's Facebook 'fan page.' This post and all future posts should show up on Facebook.

C is for Coolness.

There's a kids song that says "C is for Cookie." Well, in the UPCI, C is for Church. We think Church = Coolness. So, adopting that dual meaning into UPC (or WVUPCI, to be more specific) leads us to our new #hashword on Twitter: #wvupcoolness

Try it out the very next time you tweet something related to WV UPCI church life. We've made it our default #hashword for our WV UPCI posts on Twitter.

(Note: #Hashwords are an easy way for folks to participate in something cool, important, or noteworthy. #Hashwords also help organize the information stream on Twitter and make things easier to find in searches.)

WV UPCI is now on Twitter… Updated!

WV UPCI is now on Twitter. When [Since] our new site is [now] unveiled, it should connect [is now connecting] our posts to Twitter (as tweets) . Those who follow us on Twitter will get a synopsis, with a link back to the full post...