Sheaves for Christ

Dear WV District Church Family,

With tremendous joy I write to you today because of the marvelous works of the Lord. We have just finished West Virginia District Camps a couple of weeks ago. I am glad to report to you that at least 61 people received the baptism of the Holy Ghost in our two weeks of camp. To God be all of the glory! Many of our young people were touched by the hand of God. I watched as night after night, young people laid in the altars, with tears streaming down their faces, as God began to move on them in a very real way. Parents, pastors, and saints, you can be confident in the fact that we have a great group of young people in the West Virginia District!

To all of our young people and youth leaders, Tiphanii and I love each and every one of you very much. We believe in you, your call of God, and your future. I challenge you in the Holy Ghost to keep living for God with all of your heart, mind, soul, and spirit. You CAN make it, you CAN do it, and you CAN be mightily used by God.  I challenge you to take your relationship with God to a deeper level of consecration.

Just a note of reminder to all that ordered CDs from the second week of camp and have not received them as of yet: We are working diligently on them and will have them to you shortly. Thanks for your patience in this matter.

Now I come to something that is very urgent as well as very important. The Sheaves for Christ deadline is August 29, 2010. Thank you for all who have already made pledges. We are believing God for a great Sheaves for Christ offering in 2010. We are asking you to help us in this matter. It is not too late to give an offering or even start raising money. We need to make this very last weekend a very important one and make one more strong push to raise money. All of the money will go to support the Kingdom of God 100%. It is a great cause that is worth giving sacrificially towards. Let us all Live to Give in 2010!

Live to Give,
Justin Meadors
WV District Youth Secretary

Youth Prayer Update

Just wanted to post an update on how our youth prayer has been going. God is doing awesome things through prayer here and He has filled 2 young people with his spirit and as a result had 1 get baptized in Jesus Name. This past Tuesday we had 27 in attendance at youth prayer. Thank you Jesus! I will be posting some more photos soon.

Open Pastorates (Two Opportunities)

Update: The pastorates below are no longer open.

Pastor needed: WILLIAMSON, WV

Apostolic Tabernacle (UPCI) is an established church work (founded some 25 years ago) with a nice building in a beautiful community of about 5,000 souls. Pastor Donald L. Blankenship (who is retiring for health reasons) and his family have been there from the start, and he has served as pastor there for the last 14 or so years. Supt. Garlitz says he believes the building is mortgage free. This is a great pastorate opportunity.

Physical address: Rt 49 Lick Creek, Williamson, WV, 25661
Mailing address: RR 2 Box 635,Williamson, WV, 25661-9802
Phone: 304-235-3955 or 304-235-0650
District: West Virginia
Section: Four
Contact: For info, call the above numbers or email Presbyter William Carter.

Pastor needed: JOB (HARMAN), WV

Apostolic Pentecostal Church (UPCI) is an established church work with a paid-off building in a scenic rural community. Pastor Keith Fought has resigned because of complications with his health and other related concerns. This is a viable pastoral opportunity.

Mailing address: PO Box 120, Harman, WV, 26270-0120
West Virginia
Section: Two
Contact: For info, email Presbyter Roger Zimmerman.

WV UPCI Men’s Conference was awesome!

WV UPCI Mens Conference 2010-08-14
Pastor Bill Douglas, from Virginia, was daytime speaker at WV UPCI Mens Conference (2010-08-14).

The daytime speaker was Pastor Bill Douglas, from Virginia (seen preaching and teaching in the photo above) and the evening speaker was Pastor Scott Graham, from Missouri. Both of these preachers were mightily used of God to minister to the men under God’s unction and anointing. The DVDs and CDs of the conference are available for those who missed it. Contact Riverside Ministries in Morgantown to place your order.

(The photo above was taken by Brother Adam Benedum on Saturday, August 14, 2010.)

Are you ready for a world without antibiotics?

Are you ready for a world without antibiotics? | Society | The Guardian.

This UK site's article shows how the era of antibiotics will soon be coming to a close. The days of people seeking doctors first and God last (or maybe not at all) seem numbered. What are your thoughts?

Revival in Ohio Valley

All I can say is WOW! Jesus Christ is so awesome.

Two received the Holy Ghost. Deaf ears opened. Stomach problems healed. Bell's palsy healed. Pain in hip gone. Heart pain gone. Devils cast out, and the Holy Ghost came in. Joy restored. Past hurts and failures replaced with the peace of the Holy Ghost. And it's not over yet. God is so AWESOME! Here we come, devil. It's time to take a journey and start singing "Nothing Can Compare" and tell the devil you have "No Vacancy."

All this happened in Wheeling, WV where we are holding ongoing revival services with Pastor David Forsythe and the great saints of Abundant Life Tabernacle.

Superintendent’s Communiqué

August 5, 2010

Dear West Virginia District Family

It was so good to see so many of you during our recent camp meetings. 2010 will be reported as one of our best in recent time. At least 61 received the Holy Ghost and 1,000 were in attendance on Friday night. Registrations for both Sunday School and Youth camp was an increase over last year. Our leaders both weeks served you well. Although it has already been said, I want to again express thanks to Bro. Greg Hurley Construction for his good work on the tabernacle roof and new ceiling. Both look great!

Please note that we ordained three wonderful couples during camp meeting on Wednesday night: Bro. & Sis. David Greeever, Bro. & Sis. Robert Fazzalore, and Bro. & Sis. Anthony Moss.

Other Items of Interest:

  1. General Conference information is available at
  2. A PDF (static copy) of the 2011 WV UPCI Calendar of Events is available here, and as always our ongoing (dynamic copy) of the Calendar of Events is available here:
  3. Some of our Evangelists available for revivals include:
  4. Please try to make the Men's Conference on August 12-14. Details and registration information are available on the District Web Site here:
  5. Remember: Sheaves for Christ needs your participation.
  6. Prayer Requests:
    • Sister Mills
    • Brother & Sister Williamson
    • Brother & Sister Keenan
    • Sister Coleman
    • Sister Cole

Your Friend,
Daniel Garlitz

Honoring Elders at Camp

Honoring Elders at Camp, Friday PM 7/30/10
Reunion of campers from the 1960's and 1970's
WV UPCI Campground, Point Pleasant, WV—A reunion of campers from the 1960s and 1970s filled several rows at the front of the old tabernacle on Friday, July 30, 2010. One of the event's main organizers, Bro. David Ramsey, said that the reunion came about due to the networking ease of Facebook. The social networking web site has become a giant success with over 500,000,000 members, and many reunions of all kinds have been made possible because of the site. To get some idea of the size of that number of members, consider that the entire population of the United States—counting every man, woman, and child—is estimated to be just over 307,000,000.

Honoring Elders at Camp, Friday PM 7/30/10
Sister Elsie Shelton
Honoring Elders at Camp, Friday PM 7/30/10
Pastor William Ferrell
Honoring Elders at Camp, Friday PM 7/30/10
Pastor Kenneth Perine

Among those called out to be honored were Sister Elsie Shelton, Pastor William Ferrell (retired), and Pastor Kenneth Perine (retired). Pastor David Hudson also provided time for some of the attendees to greet the crowd and reminisce about their time as campers on the campground.

Honoring Elders at Camp, Friday PM 7/30/10
Pastors Coleman and Priddy were each presented with a handsome commemorative of the camp. More are available to donors who give $100 for a roof on the girls dorm.

Two precious friends of the WV UPCI camp, Pastor Daniel Coleman and Pastor P. Duane Priddy, were especially honored for their years of selfless work to maintain, enhance, and promote the campground. Their labor of love has made a difference in the lives of thousands of youths who have been blessed, strengthened, encouraged, anointed, filled, healed, and called of God, while worshiping on Holy Hill at the old campground. They were each presented with one of a series of beautiful commemoratives of the campground. The custom-made commemoratives were filled with earth from the campground and outwardly displayed an aerial photograph of the campground on the obverse, with an engraved section on the reverse. The engraving on the reverse reads as follows:

May we never take for granted the soil that many great men and women once walked upon. Let us remember their personal sacrifices, memories, and legacies that were created and branded on that sacred soil. We must remember, honor, and preserve those memories by acknowledging the imprint that those footsteps from the past have made, and understand how that imprint will continue to impact future lives that walk upon that same soil.

Twenty or so more of the commemoratives were available to donors willing to give $100 toward a new roof on the girls’ dorm. Most of them were taken that night, and more can be made as needed. If you would like to help the camp, please consider donating $100 toward the new roof on the dorm, and in thanks you will receive one of the commemoratives.

Photos by Pastor Doug Joseph. Click a thumbnail to zoom in.

Youth Camp Pics – Wednesday Night 7/28/2010

The following photos were taken by Pastor Doug Joseph. Click a thumbnail to zoom in.

Daughter work in Oak Hill, WV

Much excitement fills the hearts and souls of the Apostolic Lighthouse as we stand in awe of the mighty power of our awesome God.

Moved by divine direction we are stepping out by faith to start a daughter work in a much larger and more populated area thirty minutes from our current location. Oak Hill, WV is a city long overdue for a United Pentecostal Church. It's a city that is ripe and ready for harvest. Our first service will be August 15 for which we are in great expectation of what God is going to do.

Coming from a construction background, I realize that the foundation is the most difficult and time consuming phase of any structure, but we are ready to take this area by storm with an experienced and anointed base of musicians, singers, and staff already in place. Before the very first note has been played or the first message has been preached God has begun to do marvelous and miraculous things for us, thus signifying His seal of approval.

Revelation 3:8 says, "behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name." In the past several weeks God has clearly set before us some open doors that we could have never opened within ourselves. God has already let me cross paths with two denominational pastors developing friendships with them. At a local restaurant after Sunday morning service one stopped by my table on his way out and told me he has been studying about the blood and the name of Jesus Christ and has asked to meet with him in the very near future. A Bible study was given to a Trinitarian youth leader who now wants to be baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. One man stood before me weeping as he told me of his sinful past. He started smoking at the age of six, lived on the streets of San Diego for twelve years addicted to every form of drug and alcohol. He told me he needs change in his life. He has commited to be in the first service. I have also crossed paths with several backslidden families who are very excited about the new work.

Last but certainly not least, location is very important. We have always desired to be in a high traffic location but property in this area is very expensive, making it seem unobtainable. In recent days one acre of commercial property on the main highway has sold for as much as $650,000. But God has moved on the heart of a denominational business man who owns 18 acres on the main highway, which is a main road connecting through southern WV. Between 50,000-70,000 cars travel this road every day. This man told us that he and his wife would pray and fast about the direction of the property. During church camp last week I received a call that he would sell the land to our church for $125,000.

We are anticipating a mighty outpouring in Oak Hill, WV at Solid Rock Worship Center.

To God be the glory,
Pastor Greg Hurley

Camp Praise Report

We are excited to report an offering of over $3,000 was received in the Friday night Campmeeting service to put on a new roof on the Girls Dorm!

How Young Is the Earth? Applying Simple Math to Data Provided in Genesis

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Geotagging is dangerous … 5 defences against cyberstalking

Interesting and informative article about the dangers of having your phone's camera upload geotagging data in online posting of photos and videos. Potential stalkers could get real-time information about your habits and locations and use the info against you. This is something that ought to be pointed out to youth and children. Geotagging is dangerous … 5 defences against cyberstalking — Stephen Baugh.

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