Azusa StreetRiders: Show Off Your Ride!

2010-04-01 Bro Adam Benedum's Honda VTX
2010-04-01 Bro Adam Benedum’s Honda VTX

Above: Brother Adam Benedum’s Honda VTX. He rides as RC (Road Captain) with the ASRs of Clarksburg, WV. The ASRs there are all members of Christian Apostolic Church (UPCI), Pastor Doug Joseph.

Either log into this site and post a photo of your ride, or email us a photo of your ride, and we will post it here! (Try to make sure it is at least about 640 pixels wide. In fact, that is the ideal width. We can shrink it down if it’s too big, but if it’s too small we can only scale it up so much before it starts looking pixelated.)

Be sure to include your name, and what local chapter of ASR you ride with. This is open to ASRs outside of WV, but we do hope WV ASRs will be on board.