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The challenges facing our society (both within and without the church) show more clearly than ever the need for meaningful ministry to men. Through our online resources, men-only gatherings, etc, we seek to help men address issues relevant to living godly, Christian lives, including: stewardship of time, talent, and treasure; commitment to God, family, and church; maintaining moral purity in an immoral world; man to man evangelism (witnessing in workplace); finding your place in local church ministry; prayer for family, pastor, and kingdom; we well as spiritual leadership (God’s plan for each man).

2015 WV Apostolic Man Conference

AM 2015

Pics: Day 1 at WV Men’s Conference

2014 WV Men’s Conference Accomodations

Whether you prefer camping outdoors, parking your RV, or the comfort of a Hotel, find your place for the 2014 WV Men's Conference and make your reservations now.


WV Men’s Conference 2014


Apostolic Man Ministry Newsletter

Apostolic Man
Apostolic Man, Father's Day Offering

Some Really Exciting News from Apostolic Man Ministry:

The Apostolic Man Ministry is teaming up with Foreign Missions Division to build an orphanage in Guatemala City, Guatemala. At present, there are approximately 35,000 orphans in Guatemala, some of which Missionary Lynne Jewett has already taken in. As of this newsletter, property has already been located and a target date for construction has been set for February 2012.  What a wonderful opportunity for West Virginia to not only financially support, but send a team of qualified men to assist with construction of this project.

A portion of The Father's Day offering for Men's Ministry will purchase the property and pay for the materials needed for this orphanage. Men's Ministry will send a team of good, godly Apostolic Men who will provide the manpower to build this orphanage. The Apostle James called this pure religion and undefiled. Apostolic Man Ministry,  your help is going to bring this dream to fruition.

To get a close up look at the success of a recent trip, please visit the Louisiana Apostolic Man web site at and watch the video of Men on a Mission, Guatemala. The video is downloadable so pastors will have access should they desire to play it to their congregation before receiving their Father's Day offering. Missionary Brad Thompson said it would have taken the Guatemalan church 5 years to accomplish what this talented team of men did in just one week. These men travel at their own expense and every man without fail is ready to go again. The materials used for the Bible School Offices in Guatemala were purchased with funds from the 40% of the Apostolic Man offering that stays in each District.  These life changing missions' trips are only a part of how Apostolic Man Ministry is impacting our wonderful fellowship.

You can help us make an even greater impact by giving an offering this Sunday and sending it to:

WV District Men's Ministry
PO Box 2040
Morgantown, WV 26502

Please designate on your check Apostolic Man

Thank you kindly;

Larry G. Wallbrown II

WV UPCI Men’s Conference was awesome!

WV UPCI Mens Conference 2010-08-14
Pastor Bill Douglas, from Virginia, was daytime speaker at WV UPCI Mens Conference (2010-08-14).

The daytime speaker was Pastor Bill Douglas, from Virginia (seen preaching and teaching in the photo above) and the evening speaker was Pastor Scott Graham, from Missouri. Both of these preachers were mightily used of God to minister to the men under God’s unction and anointing. The DVDs and CDs of the conference are available for those who missed it. Contact Riverside Ministries in Morgantown to place your order.

(The photo above was taken by Brother Adam Benedum on Saturday, August 14, 2010.)