Sunday School Camp Info!

Hey Everyone!  The registration forms for both Campers and Workers are now available by clicking the link below!  Thanks, Rev. Jacob Pack and Rev. Leslie Clutter.

WV Sunday School Camp Forms

WV District Junior Camp Advertisement 2015


WV District Conference Sunday School Service

What a night for our young people during the Friday night WV District Conference Sunday School service! Lots of laughs, fun and food but most of all the presence of the Holy Ghost! We are so thankful for one that was filled with the Holy Ghost! We are looking forward to Sunday School Camp so don't wait, visit to download/print your camp forms!

Watch live webcast of WV District Conference services

To watch a live webcast of the services at the WV District Conference:

Then click the media button!



2015 Apostolic Man Conference Accomodations

AM 2015hotels+

Pics from Project 35 in Summersville, WV

Program/Schedule for WV UPCI District Conference

You may download the 2015 WV District Conference Program in PDF Format, or view/download the JPG images below:

Program, Outside:

Program, Inside:

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