SFC Intersection Rallies Praise Report!

Just a quick update regarding our two SFC Intersection Rallies on Friday, September 2. The Lord moved mightily in both our norther and southern rallies with at least one receiving the Holy Ghost in each of our services! 

At our southern rally in St. Mary's, WV a spirit of sacrificial giving fell upon those in attendance and when received an offering of $2,108 for Sheaves for Christ!

As you know, with sacrificial giving comes divine provisions from Heaven and I BELIEVE that God is going pour out His blessing upon our District as we give SACRIFICIALLY to Sheaves for Christ!

There's still time to increase your giving and raise a tremendous offering for SFC 2016! Please let me know how I can help your church give to this great cause!

God Bless,
Joel Sites, WV/wM Youth President, cell: 304-415-4020

Offerings must be sent by Monday, September 12th: 
Roger Zimmerman Jr.
458 Inspiration Dr.
Keyser, WV 26726

Updates: Fresh Oil Conference, Clarksburg, WV

Discussion Panel for Ministers added: Fresh Oil Conference, Clarksburg, WV

A panel discussion for ministers (especially younger ministers) is to occur Saturday, August 20, 2016 - 10:00 AM, at Christian Apostolic Church during the conference. There is no cost. Tickets are not needed for this event. (Free tickets are needed for other portions of the conference. See below.) Several of the speakers are expected to serve as panelists. This event is brought to you by F.I.S.H. Student Ministries of Christian Apostolic Church.

Free Eventbrite tix for Fresh Oil: wait-list already filling up.

The Fresh Oil Conference event is already booked solid, so if you failed to get your free tickets already, you can add your name to the wait list. If someone already ticketed is unable to attend and they let us know, we can release tickets to our wait-listed names on a "first come, first serve" basis. If you have tickets that you cannot use, please let us know. Email: pastor@cac.us.com

Schedule for '16 Fresh Oil Conference

  • Wed, August 17 — 7:00 pm, Pre-Conference Service
  • Thur, August 18 — 7:30 pm, Opening Service
  • Fri, August 19 — 10:00 am (to approx. 12:30 pm), Day Service
  • Fri, August 19 —  7:30 pm, Evening Service
  • Sat, August 20 — 10:00 am, Panel Discussion for Ministers
  • Sat, August 20 — 6:00 pm, Evening Service

* For current tentative line-up of who is speaking when, click here

Thank you, 2016 Conference Sponsors

We deeply appreciate all our sponsors! For a current list of donors (possibly more up to date than the list below), click here.

Platinum ($300 or more) Title Sponsors:

  • Lorren & Mary Godwin ~ Stonewood, WV
  • Doug & LaDonna Joseph ~ Stonewood, WV
  • Ken & Rebecca Lamoureux ~ Bridgeport, WV

Gold ($200 or more) Lead Sponsors:

  • Barbara Thomas ~ Moorefield, WV

Silver ($100 or more) Main Sponsors:

  • James Bargo Family (with Destaney & Bella) ~ In Loving Memory of Renee Bargo ~ Bridgeport, WV



Other Sponsors:

Jason & Linda Click Family (with Anthony, Jason, & Jaden) ~ Clarksburg, WV

Prayer Objectives for Fresh Oil Conference, by Pastor Wilson Hudson


“Three Types of People” by Pastor Pascal Crites | Brought to you by Fresh Oil Conf


WV Flood Relief Update/Appeal from Men’s Ministry Director David Bounds

WV Flood Relief Efforts 2016-06-30

In the Rainelle, WV area, the UPCI West Virginia / western Maryland District is teamed up with Bro. Larry Williamson out of the South Texas District and Reach Out America. UPCI Pastor Chad Smailes is overseeing a 40,000-square-foot facility, which is the old Magic Mart in Rainelle. We need many volunteers right now to help unload and distribute all the product that's been brought in. If you can help in anyway it would be much appreciated.

Also tomorrow, Friday, July 1, Channel 17 of Fayette County will be having a tel-a-thon for the relief effort by Reach Out America and the UPCI West Virginia / western Maryland District for the Rainelle area. All proceeds will go straight to the Rainelle effort. We have a 26-foot box truck with a lift gate rented, and it will be located at the Kroger in Oak Hill, and anything that you could give for that effort would be much appreciated.

Also on Tuesday, July 5, UPCI Pastor Eugene Whetzel (district North American Missions Director) will be taking a crew of men to help rebuild the devastated church in Charmco, WV. We have 120 sheets of plywood that will be reinstalled in that facility (including sanctuary and Sunday school rooms). If you can join that crew it will be greatly appreciated. Contact info for Pastor Whetzel: NAMdir@wvupci.org

Also on Tuesday, July 5, UPCI Pastor Anthony Moss will be taking a crew of men to help rebuild the devastated church in Clendenin, WV. If you can join that crew it will be greatly appreciated. Contact info for Pastor Moss: MossAnthonyMoss@aol.com

Apostolic Men’s Ministry of WV is teaming up with Reach Out America in flood relief efforts

2016-06-28 Bounds Flood Relief

With the help and support of the Mayor and the Volunteer workers, The Apostolic Men's Ministry of WV is teaming up with Reach Out America in the flood relief efforts. The trucks with supplies are on their way to Rainelle, WV. Please keep these families in your prayers.

Day of Prayer and Fasting for Bishop David Hudson


Please mark your calendars for Friday, July 8, to join in PRAYER & FASTING for Bishop David Hudson. His challenge is major, and it's time for a miracle. Thank you!

Apostolic Man Conference Canceled

Conference Canceled

If you haven't already heard, we are sorry to announce that the 2016 WV Apostolic Man Conference had been canceled.
Please be sure that everyone that was planning on attending is aware of the cancelation.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

We look forward to seeing you at the WV Youth and Sunday School Camps in the coming two weeks.

God bless!

David Bounds
WV Apostolic Man Director

Please pray for Rev. & Mrs. Rodger White as they depart soon for Malaysia!

White, Rodger & 'Tiny' - missionaries 2016

Update from Bishop Hudson

2016-04-10 Bishop David and Brenda Hudson

The following is the transcript of a "ONE CALL NOW" update from Bishop David Hudson, Superintendent of the West Virginia / western Maryland District, UPCI:

"This is the bishop speaking, and I wanted to touch base with our West Virginia & western Maryland pastors and ministers. Trust you are doing well and had good church yesterday. I have been making progress, for which I praise God. I had my first immune therapy treatment specifically for the melanoma stage four cancer on Friday. Everything went very well, but Friday night I had some reaction, which is part of the situation, and my legs were so weak I was unable to stand. The doctor suggested coming to ER to get checked out for sure, and everything did check it out. They have kept me here Saturday and Sunday, and I have regained about 75% of my strength back in the legs. Thank you so much for your continued prayer and thoughts. I do rejoice at the reports that I get of those being filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized. I believe God is continuing to do good things across West Virginia and western Maryland. We will continue to pray and believe God for great things as our camps convene for Sunday school and youth, and churches are having their vacation Bible schools. We pray blessings upon you and your family and churches. God bless! It's good to speak to you today. May you have a blessed week."

Special Rate for 2016 DC Summit of Christians United For Israel (CUFI)

Space is limited. Click link below to sign up now:

Take advantage of this AMAZING DEAL: $199/person: chartered bus, 2 nights' hotel (dbl occup.) & event reg. for 11th annual DC Summit of Christians United for Israel! #‎CUFI #‎ZionStandUp

Notes: You will be asked for your shipping address. This is needed so during our prep for going onto Capitol Hill, we can get you correctly assigned to your elected officials. Please also include your cell phone in the "My Cell (needed) + any other notes (optional)" box. Contact info (mobile phone) for Pastor Doug Joseph is shown in the poster below. Online payment requires a small convenience fee. To avoid that fee, pay via mail (check or money order - send no cash), or in person, via check, money order, or cash. Postal address and email info shown below poster.


Don't want to sign up online? Call Pastor Doug Joseph (info in poster above) to get your name down. Make checks payable to "CAC" (i.e. Christian Apostolic Church) and mail to:

Pastor Doug Joseph
8035 Kidd Ave
Stonewood, WV 26301

David Bernard, Aaron Bounds to preach at Fresh Oil Conference, Clarksburg, WV


LIKE & SHARE! Get schedule & details on event website: www.fresh-oil.org-- Unchained worship. An avalanche of anointing. Hear the call of God for the fulfillment of your destiny. Fresh Oil is a powerful encounter for people of all levels of faith. Attend and receive a greater anointing for a deeper level in your walk with God. Admission Tickets are FREE, but space is limited, so register early. Sponsorship options are also available.

Pastoral Opportunity, Weirton, WV


Wonderful Congregation in need of a pastor:
Voice of Pentecost (UPCI) Weirton, West Virginia

For info contact presbyter, Doug Joseph (see above).

Special Rate! Join us for 2016 DC Summit of Christians United For Israel (CUFI)

For those who want to go, but have not yet signed up, the deadline is upon us! A full payment is required in hand by July 1!

Click here to sign up online now!

Or see below for info on sending a check by mail.


This amazing deal includes chartered bus, 2 nights' hotel stay (double occupancy), and registration for the event, for only $199/person! Call or email Pastor Doug Joseph to get your name down (see phone number in poster above / or email pastor@cac.us.com), and make checks payable to "CAC" (i.e. Christian Apostolic Church) and mail to:

Pastor Doug Joseph
8035 Kidd Ave
Stonewood, WV 26301

2016 WV Sunday School camp is coming soon!

SS Camp

2016 WV Sunday School camp is coming soon!   Camp is June 27-30 at the Rippling Waters Campground.  Select the links below for your applications.  The applications must be submitted by June 1st.

2016 Sunday School Camper Registration

2016 Sunday School Worker Registration

Attn: WV UPCI Homeschool and/or Christian School Grads

To all families of WV UPCI Homeschool and/or Christian School graduates:

If you desire to participate in a commencement ceremony at WV District Spring Conference, please contact Pastor Doug Joseph right away. If we have graduates to be honored, the ceremony would take place Friday evening at approximately 6pm, prior to the Master Youth Rally.

If diploma services are needed, the fee is $25, and you would need to contact Pastor Doug Joseph right away to get your request in. Payments are accepted via Dwolla.com or PayPal.com. Details upon request.

CFC 2015

With our 2015 CFC fund drive officially over, we want to say a great big Thank You!! to every pastor and church who supported North American Missions this year. Our district offering this year was $32,814.09!! That is an increase of $622.28 over last year. We do not have an official number yet from headquarters for a total offering, but we know that it is over 4million dollars!! To God be the glory.

A few notes of interest for CFC 2015:

Our largest offering was given by Pastor Fred Walker and the saints of Clendenin Pentecostal Church. $4500.00!!

Section five gave a combined offering of over $11,000.00!!

Our three on-status district missionaries gave a combined offering of $1905.00!!

20 churches increased their offering this year!!

Pics: Tackett-Kuntzman Wedding

Congratulations to WV Purpose Institute (Huntington Campus) Dean Stephen Kuntzman, who married Sister Anita Tackett today!

Pics by  Purpose Institute District Director Everett Davenport

Follow up from the General Sunday School Director


Dear Sunday School TEAM,

Greetings from St. Louis, Missouri! We have just returned from an incredible week in West Virginia. Below are the things I learned in West Virginia:

  1. West Virginia knows how to give cool gifts: I got a real chocolate outhouse. I haven't eaten it yet, but its cool!
  2. West Virginia knows how to plan. Each SOC Crusade service was on schedule. Pastors and sectional directors were actively involved with the service. All services were filled with lots of children and adults. Honor goes to the leaders!
  3. West Virginia has some incredible wives of leaders. Sister Tiffany Pack, wife of WV SS Director, and Sister Clutter, Wife of WV SS Secretary, were at all services and they both had children with them! They toiled with their husbands and were incredible examples to other ladies about the position they hold. We commend these ladies as they lead WV by example. It would be really good if every SS Director would hug and kiss your wife and tell them how thankful you are to have them supporting you!
  4. West Virginia had lots of leadership support! The WV District Youth President was there. The WV District Secretary was present, along with Presbyters in EVERY service. They were honored from the platform and commended for attending the services. Many children's evangelists were there!
  5. West Virginia knows God is no respecter of age. While SOC Crusades are geared toward children, there were two 70-year-old-PLUS people who got the Holy Ghost on the first night! Both of them wanted the Holy Ghost and received it.
  6. West Virginia chose a great children's evangelist. Eddie and Vickie Gorden from Louisiana did an incredible job. You need to see the 6-foot-balloon in the service. Kids were amazed, along with the adults.
  7. West Virginia will set a record Save Our Children goal! With the incredible momentum we felt, I believe they could double. With 68 filled with the Holy Ghost in the WV SOC Crusades, this is an incredible boost to their 60-plus churches!

I guess you never get too old to learn. Easter comes early this year, so let's promote, promote, promote. We have lots of gifts, if you need them. We have SOC sticky pads, pens, chip clips, sports cups with spill proof tops, golf tees, hand sanitizers, and many other items. What would happen if EVERY DISTRICT set a SOC record? Thanks for giving and working for that goal. If I can help in any way, please feel free to call upon me.

The JBQ Extravaganzas begin this week and there will be six of those around the country. We begin SOC Crusades in Mississippi and Tennessee in April. Please be in prayer for this Division, as we strive to reach as many souls as we can!


Steve L Cannon
General Sunday School Director / UPCI

Tribute to Rev. Kenneth Perine & Homegoing Celebration


The funeral service for Pastor Kenneth Perine was a wonderful tribute to a precious minister of the Gospel and great man of God. Bishop Daniel Garlitz preached a powerful, passionate message. Letters of tribute from Bishop David M. Hudson (WV District Superintendent, unable to be present due to recovering from illness) and Bishop David K. Bernard (General Superintendent of the UPCI) and others were read and well received. The outpouring of love and support from fellow ministers was palpable, seen in a strong representation of many licensed ministers and district officials. The church building was totally filled, with standing room only. This was all a testament to how many lives were touched by this precious soldier of the cross. Laughter, tears, and anointing of the Spirit were present throughout the service.