WV UPCI Sunday School Camp Praise Reports

(Note: The newest reports are shown at the top.)

Elder John Sandy sent us the following comments and photos via email:

Here are some pics from Sunday School camp that you can either use on the church bulletin or the district website.  I had to delete several that did not come out too well due to lighting.

I am also including some of the better ones that JT took after service, before we left.  He is definitely hooked on becoming an every-year camper.  He loved praising the Lord and thought all the church events were perfect for him.  He has come home excited about what God could do through him!

I am especially thankful for those who go and take time from their personal jobs to minister to these young ones and make them strong now, so that when they become the senior high group, they can hit the ground running.


The future of the WV UPCI is looking brighter because of Sunday School kids that love to praise God and learn of Him!

(Photos below by Elder John Sandy and/or J.T. Sandy)

Angel Raye Bowers sent us this message via Facebook: "My little girl and I both received the Holy Ghost last night [Friday night] at WV Church Camp!"

Tiphanii Meadors posted on Facebook: "Had a great night at camp! 33 total filled with the Holy Ghost @ WV Sunday School Camp!"

Adena Joseph (camper) reported when she arrived home: "Thirty people got the Holy Ghost!" (That apparently did not include some who were filled in the final service.)

Pastor Keith Fought posted on Facebook: "Was at Holy Hill tonight to get Kenneth from Sunday School Camp. He received the Holy Ghost at eight years old!! I am so proud of him."

Pastor Steven Joy posted on Facebook: "We just found out that a total of 23 have received the gift of the Holy Ghost so far in the WV UPCI Sunday School Camp!"

Jerry Bonecutter posted on Facebook: "My 7 year old, Tyler, was filled with the Holy Ghost at Sunday School Camp, second day!"

Amy Hay posted on Facebook: "My 36 year old husband (aka the sound man) got the Holy Ghost!!" Then Paula Witt commented, "Yes, he SURE DID!! I'm still rejoicing!! :)"

Tiphanii Meadors posted on Facebook: "16 kids filled with the Holy Ghost at Sunday School Camp so far!!" (That was as of about mid-day Wednesday.)

Pastor Steven Joy posted on Facebook: "At least 10 kids received the Holy Ghost so far. We're just getting started too." (That was as of sometime Tuesday.)

WV District’s New Web Site

What a great representation of the West Virginia District. Thank you for all of your hard work. Bro. Joseph, you're the best.

Quick Video: Media Uploader

This is a quick video (7 min) by Doug Joseph showing lots of cool stuff about WV UPCI's new site capabilities, including how easy it is to upload an image or other file and then insert it into your new or existing post on the WV UPCI website at www.wvupci.org.

Youth Camp 2010 Flier

Download the 2010 Youth Camp flier in either PDF (418 KB) or JPG (573 KB) versions:

2010 Camp Flier - PDF (418 KB)
2010 Camp Flier - PDF (418 KB)
2010 Camp Flier - JPG (573 KB)
2010 Camp Flier - JPG (573 KB)

Live 2 Give

July 2, 2010

Dear Pastors, Ministers and Fellow Laborers:

Let me begin by saying how very humbled we are that you have elected us as your new District Youth Secretary. Tiphanii and I are very grateful and honored that you have placed your confidence in us. I can tell you that first and foremost we will do anything and everything we can to serve you, our District, youth team, and young people, to the very best of our ability. This is not a task we take lightly. With that being said, we are very excited about what the future holds!

We are very excited to be working with our new District Youth President Rev. David Bounds. I know he has a tremendous love and passion for our generation and will do an excellent job in his new role. Also, we are very blessed to have such a wonderful and capable youth team to work with. I believe we are on the brink of the greatest revival in the history of the West Virginia District Youth.

Let me take this time to also remind you about two very important things coming up. We are looking forward to West Virginia District Youth Camp on July 26th – 30th. We have evangelist Matt Tuttle scheduled to be with us. You don’t want to miss this exciting time of year! Also, remember the Sheaves for Christ deadline is rapidly approaching, August 29th. Please be in prayer and continue to raise funds for this excellent cause.

In closing, let me say that if there is anything that I can do to help or assist you please do not hesitate to call or email me. Together we can make a difference in this generation. We love each and every one of you and look forward to what God is going to do!

Live 2 Give,

Justin R. Meadors
WV District Youth Secretary

Report: Costa Rica Missions Team

Bro. Robert Fazzalore writes, "The Costa Rica Missions team reports a great conference in San Jose.  Almost 1,000 people gathered on Saturday and Sunday with over 32 being filled with the Holy Ghost and 22 baptized in Jesus name.  Many notable miracles were also reported from the national church.  Our young people from WV did so well.  They jumped right in at the altar and were laying hands on people, praying children and other young people through to the Holy Ghost and were a tremendous example to the Costa Rican Youth Group! Thanks for your prayers!"

Sanctuary of Hope – Pastor Frank Bounds

Article in Parkersburg newspaper (Parkersburg News and Sentinel)
By JODY MURPHY, jmurphy@newsandsentinel.com

Frank Bounds stands in front of the fellowship hall at the Sanctuary of Hope Church at 811 Lodge Court near Market Street. (Photo by Jody Murphy)
Frank Bounds stands in front of the fellowship hall at the Sanctuary of Hope Church at 811 Lodge Court near Market Street. (Photo by Jody Murphy)

PARKERSBURG -A home missions church has found a new home in downtown Parkersburg.

The Sanctuary of Hope Church, a United Pentecostal home missions church, has purchased the former Nemesis Shrine Temple at 811 Lodge Court near Market Street. Frank Bounds and his wife had been renting a building in Mineral Wells after coming to the area from Salt Lake City.

Fred Tipper, head of the Nemesis Shrine's trustees, said the building and adjacent parking lot had been sold to the church for about $200,000, which is about half the initial asking price.

When the building was first put up for sale, it appraised for about $420,000, according to Tipper, who said the original appraisal was based on commercial real estate prices. Tipper said more recently the building (more than 7,000 square feet with a 38-space parking lot) appraised for about $220,000.

The building had been on the market for about three or four years, while the Shriners built a site at Watson Road.

"It was time and it certainly helped us," Tipper said. "We have been very fortunate in our new building."

Tipper said the new owners initially approached Shrine leaders about renting the site but soon realized they could afford to purchase the lot.

"When we told them what we would accept, they got a different attitude," Tipper said.

Tipper said the building didn't require much renovation, but it had been vacant for some time.

"You never know when something is vacant," he said.

The Boundses had spent more than 15 years building a church in Glen Ferris, W.Va., where their son still ministers. A second son ministers at churches in Zanesville.

Bounds has already started renovations and services on the site. When complete, Bounds anticipates the building's auditorium will seat about 250. He expects renovations to be completed in about three months.

"We hope to stay here," Bounds said. "Retire here."

Passing of Bishop G.A. Mangun

Bishop G. A. Mangun
Bishop G. A. Mangun

It is with a heavy heart we inform you that Bishop G.A. Mangun completed his journey early this morning, June 17.

Surrounded by his family, he journeyed across the river to the sounds of a victorious angelic welcome.  His death was as powerful and victorious as his incredible life.  We mourn and rejoice, we grieve and celebrate.

The Mangun family is forever indebted to everyone for their love, prayers, and support.

While leading his local church, and serving on various committees and on the Board of the Louisiana District, Bishop Mangun also served the United Pentecostal Church International as a member of the Foreign Missions Board from 1982 until the present.  He also served as an Executive Presbyter.  In 2004 was inducted into the UPCI's "Order of  the Faith."

The homegoing service for Bishop G. A. Mangun will be Tuesday, June 22, at 6:00 pm at The Pentecostals of Alexandria.  Visitation will begin at 12 noon and continue until service time.

Graveside service will be Wednesday, June 23, at 10:00 am with procession departing from The Pentecostals of Alexandria at 9:30 am. Interment at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Pineville, LA.

Thanks for the Pics; More Wanted!

Screen shot of new header image
Screen shot of new header image

Thanks to WV UPCI Pastor Doug Joseph for submitting several pictures of West Virginians in action. See example above of how these photo submissions are being converted into new header images for the new WV UPCI site!

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Living to Give

Youth (GYD) 'Since 1945' 0315x0150 (PNG file)
West Virginia District Youth Ministries
P.O. Box 638
Gauley Bridge, WV 25085

April 10, 2009

Dear Ministers of the West Virginia District,

I was very humbled by the vote of the brethren to elect me as your new youth president. My family and I will serve you to the best of our ability. We are looking forward to what God is going to do in the near future.

We are going to miss, my dear friend Bro. Fazzalore and his leadership in a great way, and are very thankful for all that he has done and accomplished in our great West Virginia district. I have enjoyed working with him and his family.

The youth team, as well as I am very excited of the future of our great district. We are in great expectation of what God is going to do in the hearts of our youth. We are moving forward with the mind of God and clear direction. We have a lot of things planned in the near future. Such as our missions trip to Costa Rica. Bro. Fazzalore and I will be taking a group of twenty from here in West Virginia to their general conference, where we will be conducting a Holy Ghost crusade. Please be in much prayer that God would fill many souls with the Holy Ghost! We will be leaving June 17th

Youth Camp is almost here! There has already been a lot of work accomplished at the camp this year. I want to thank our superintendent Bro. Garlitz, Bro. Priddy, and  Bro. Hurley and his crew for the new roof on the tabernacle. Two men from Bro. Kapp’s church and Bro. Bob Shelton have already been cutting grass and getting the grounds prepared for our kids. On June 11 & 12 there will be work days at the camp. I would love to see a great turn out of workers of all ages. Many of the youth team will be there as well. There will also be work days on July 9 and 10 as well as July 16 and 17.

Our camp evangelist this year is Evangelist Matthew Tuttle from Houston, TX.  Brother Tuttle is a full-time evangelist, a son of our UPCI missionaries to Holland, and a member of the Texas District Youth Committee.  He preached our master youth rally at district conference last year and God used him in an awesome way. We are looking forward to him ministering to us this year.

The dates for camp are as follows:

Sunday school camp dates are July 19-23 ages 8-12

Senior Youth camp dates July 26-30 ages 13 and up

Please note as well that we have combined both Junior and Senior High ages into one week.  To that end, the amount of workers and dorm counselors we will be able to use will be smaller than in years past.  Pastors, please inform your saints that anyone desiring to come to camp as a worker must submit a worker application to either Pastor P. D. Priddy or myself and be approved prior to arriving at camp!  You can find this application here on the WV District web site. This helps us plan more efficiently.  Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.

Thank you for your continued faithful support of the WV Youth Ministries. You make our ministry possible and for that we are very grateful. We do not take lightly the trust you place in us to make a positive spiritual impact in your young people. It is our sincere desire to strengthen your hands and reinforce the powerful truths of the Word of God that you proclaim to your youth every week in the local church.

In closing, let me say that in 2010 the West Virginia District Youth Department is wholeheartedly committed to faithfully fulfilling our mission at an even higher level of excellence and effectiveness.  Your youth committee team, youth secretary and I are here to serve you and your youth.  It is our sincere desire to equip our young people to be truly Apostolic in this last hour.

If I can be of service to you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

David Bounds Contact Info:
Home (304) 632-1691
Cell (304) 419-2612
Church (304) 632-2612

Living to give,
David Bounds

West Virginia District Youth President

Revival near WV’s Southern Border

Pastor Jim Copley
Pastor Jim Copley
Evangelist David R. Harris Jr
Evangelist David R. Harris Jr
Evangelist Rusty Sandy
Evangelist Rusty Sandy

Evangelist David R. Harris Jr (of Christian Apostolic Church, Clarksburg, WV) recently conducted a revival weekend near WV's southern border. The event was organized and hosted by WV UPCI Pastor Jim Copley. Rev. Harris was accompanied by Rev. Rusty Sandy (a young, new evangelist, also of CAC).

God blessed mightily there at the host church, Apostolic Lighthouse Church (where Rev. Copley pastors in Lando, WV, just outside of Delbarton).

Rev. Harris reports, "God filled three with the Holy Ghost, and we witnessed several confirmed miracles. So far in the recent revivals we have had, to date we have seen God pour out His Spirit on 21 souls, and 8 have been baptized. God is so awesome! Let the fire fall."

Pastor Jim Copley writes, "What an awesome time of revival and fellowship that we enjoyed over the weekend in Delbarton! We had three to receive the Holy Ghost and had many testimonies of healing and deliverance! Bro. David Harris is not only an evangelist, he is also a prophet! I am sure that I am not the first person to say that. Bro. David preached with fire and anointing. He also ministered mightily one-on-one in the altar each service, imparting prophetic utterances to many. We love and appreciate Sis. Missy and the girls so very much. Mary Beth and I just love being around this precious family. What wonderful people of God! We are honored to count them as close friends. We were also very blessed to have Bro. Rusty Sandy with us over the weekend. What an awesome young man! I look forward to developing a super friendship with him in the years to come. Pastors, if you are seeking God for a preacher to come and have revival, you need to look no further than Bro. David Harris!"

Wanted: Your Pics of WV Scenes

We are seeking photos to make a new set of header images for the website. Do you have any beautiful or interesting or colorful photos of either WV landscapes or WV people in action? If so, please either register and post them or email the photo(s) to us at admin@wvupci.org. Thanks!

2010 Men’s Conference, Riverside, Morgantown, WV

Download the 2010 Mens Conference Flier (PDF, 692 KB).

2010 Mens Conference
2010 Mens Conference Flier (PDF 692 KB)
Riverside Apostolic Church, Morgantown, WV
At Riverside Apostolic Church, Morgantown, WV
2010 Men's Conference Flier (PDF, 692 KB)
PDF, 692 KB

Make plans now to attend the upcoming
WV UPCI Men's Conference
Dates: August 12–14 2010
at Riverside Apostolic Church, Morgantown, WV


7:30 pm: Rev. Scott Graham Ministering

9:30 am: Prayer
10:00 am: Bishop Bill Douglas Ministering
7:00 pm: Prayer
7:30 pm Rev. Scott Graham Ministering

9:00 - 9:30 am: Coffee & Pastries - Fellowship
10:00 am: Bishop Bill Douglas Ministering

Registration: $20 per man. Deadline 8/5/10. $25 at the door.

Make checks payable to WV UPCI

Mail registrations to:
Larry Wallbrown
27893 Garrett Hwy
Accident, MD 21520-3020


HQ Hotel:
Residence Inn Morgantown
1041 Willowdale Rd.
Morgantown, WV 26505
(304)599-0237 For Reservation (WV Mens Conf. Rate)
$89 nightly

Ramada Conference Center
20 Scott Ave.
Morgantown, WV 26508
(304)296-3431 For Reservation (WV Mens Conf. Rate)
$72 nightly

Microtel Morgantown
15 Lawless Rd.
Morgantown, WV 26505
(304)292-0055 For Reservation (WV Mens Conf. Rate)
$69.99 nightly

Attire for all services is business casual.

Case Dismissed Against Apostolic Life Cathedral

The following message from Pastor Edwin Harper is being forwarded at his request. We rejoice in this good news!

Apostolic Life Cathedral
350 Staunton Street
Huntington, West Virginia

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 The United States District Court, Southern District of West Virginia (Huntington), entered an order on CIVIL ACTION NO. 3:09-1309, dismissing the lawsuit filed by FIFTH THIRD BANK, an Ohio banking corporation, against the Apostolic Life Cathedral, a church organized under the code of the State of West Virginia.

We are pleased to announce that the integrity of the church, pastor, management and trustees are intact and continue a stable business relationship with the bank. We have resolved all of our outstanding differences.

Edwin S. Harper
Apostolic Life Cathedral
350 Staunton Street
Huntington, West Virginia 25702
(304) 525-4204
(304) 751-0913

Quick Tutorial (Especially Good for Dept Leaders)

Costa Rica – WV Youth on Mission Trip

Dear West Virginia Family:

We are writing to request a prayer covering for the WV Youth on Mission Trip to Costa Rica.  On Friday, June 18 a group of 21 will be traveling to San Jose, Costa Rica to participate in the Costa Rican National Convention.  We are pleased to be taking many of your young people to see the explosive harvest field of Central America!

The trip will be led by retiring Youth President Robert Fazzalore, Youth President-Elect David Bounds and District Board Member Roger Zimmerman.  We covet your prayers for our group as we travel.  It is our desire to be used of the Lord to have an impact in this nation.  We are believing God to fill many with the Holy Ghost!  Thanks in advance for your prayers!

May the Lord bless you!

WV District Youth Ministries

Revised Camp Forms

New on the Fliers & Forms page:

WV District Youth Camp Application, Rules, & Regulations (revised 2010)
This single PDF contains all the needed forms related to WV District Youth Camp: Camper Application, Worker Application, plus Camp Rules & Regulations. The file was revised May 28, 2010. Download size: 169 KB.

A Few Thoughts as We Unveil the New Site

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Dear Friend of WV UPCI

Today we rolled our email subscriber list over from the old site to the new site. (You are receiving this email because you are a subscriber in that list.)

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Pastor Doug Joseph
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Pastor Steven Joy (who has already posted event photos!)
Pastor Larry Kapp
Pastor Fred Kitchen
Pastor Tim Hopkins
Pastor David Johnston
Pastor Jeffrey Jett
Rev. Lorrin Godwin
Missionary Robert Kelley

Pentecost Sunday: Joint Service

Reach WV logo 1575x0900 (PNG file)

On Pentecost Sunday (May 23, 2010) six churches were represented in a join service hosted by Gateway Apostolic Church (UPCI), Parkersburg, WV (Pastor Steven Joy). There were five churches from Section 3 of the WV District UPCI, as well as one church from the ALJC (Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ), that was Davisville Community Chapel, in Davisville WV (Pastor Ray Seebaugh). See photos below!

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