Greetings WV District!

We are just one week away from our second Bible Quizzing Tournament of 2013. It will be on Saturday March 23 beginning at 9am. It will be hosted by Solid Rock Worship Center in Oak Hill, WV with Pastor Greg Hurley.

If you are located within the area you should make every effort to join us for this exciting day of competition. Our young people have been studying very hard and they are representing the WV District very well! You should be proud of your young people and their commitment to studying the Word of God!

Next month several of our teams will be off to Raleigh, NC for the Eastern Extravaganza. Please be in prayer for them and make every effort to support them as they participate in this great, life changing weekend!

I'm sure many of you, when you were young, have at one time participated in Bible Quizzing. That being said, we all know what great of an impact it had on our lives. To be honest with you, I'm not sure were I would be this day without it. Not that it was Bible Quizzing that has kept me all of these years serving God but it was the Word of God that I hide within my heart during Bible Quizzing that has kept me to this day.

For it is written..."Thy Word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee."

We can all testify to that! How powerful His Word is and how it can keep you no matter what you face!

We owe it to our young people to make Bible Quizzing available to them. Each and every church should have this ministry in place so that when these kids grow older they to will be able to share this same testimony that we have to this day...If it wasn't for His Word...where would we be?

We have given ourselves to the Ministry of the Word of God! Let's support our young people as they do the same!

Also...it's never to early to start!

For Junior Bible Quizzing please contact:
Nathaniel Hudson

God bless you all! Thanks for you time! Hope to see you in Oak Hill! 😉

Michael Ray
WV SR Bible Quizzing Coordinator




District Conference Master Youth Rally




SFC Intersection Rallies

Sections 1 & 2|Friday, May 3rd at 7:30 pm
Venue:  Riverside Apostolic Church, Morgantown
Guest Speaker:  Rev. Richard Glass|MD/DC Youth President-Gaithersburg, MD



SECTION 1 & 2 FLYER (pdf)


Sections 3-4-5|Friday, May 3rd at 7:30 pm
Venue:  North Charleston Apostolic Church, Charleston
Guest Speaker:  Rev. Jimmy Toney|Church Planter-Lexington, KY

SFC Intersection Rally 3-4-5 2013


Sections 3-4-5 FLYER (pdf)






Junior Bible Quizzing is Off and Running

Tournament 1 is in the books in WV. We have a total of 22 teams quizzing in the state this year with 12 of those in Junior/Beginner division. We had 10 of those teams present for the first tournament.That is an increase of over 100% participation, and we are thankful for all the churches that decided to dive in this year.

The day began with snow and slick roads but everyone made it safely and we had a day of fiercely contested quizzes. During the course of the tournament we had 22 quizzers answer questions which translates to at least 2 quizzers/team.

There were lots of laughs, some tears & much learning as we have new quizzers and new coaches. But everything went off without any major glitches including the technology side.

The results of the day were as follows:

Beginner Division:
1st Place Team - Morgantown 1
2nd Place Team - Morgantown 2
3rd Place Team - Fairmont

1st High Scorer - Hunter Dakan - 68.75 ppq
2nd High Scorer - Abree Rowan - 62.5 ppq
3rd High Scrorer - Abbie Miller - 57.5 ppq
4th High Scorer - Libby Rojas - 55 ppq
5th High Scorer - Dakota Dakan - 10 ppq

Junior Division:
1st Place Team - Morgantown
2nd Place Team - Keyser
3rd Place Team - Oak Hill

1st High Scorer - Bethany Wolfe - 98.3 ppq
2nd High Scorer - Agape Barrett - 83.3 ppq
3rd High Scrorer - Brianna Woofter - 51.6 ppq
4th High Scorer - Leevi Clutter - 47.5 ppq
5th High Scorer - Trishnee Clutter - 35 ppq

With next tournament in Oak Hill we are ready to roll.  Lots of great competition, that makes for intense edge-of-your-seat viewing.  These quizzers know their Bible and they'll gladly show you as well.

Senior Bible Quizzing February’s Results

The first Senior Bible Quiz Tournament of 2013 is in the books and it was one to remember!

We had 8 teams that participated, with two teams missing (more on those guys later), and that is a great start to the season! We have already grown from last year and we will continue to grow! It's not to late for you to join!

This weekends tournament took place at Christian Apostolic Church of Clarksburg,WV with Pastor Doug Joseph and they were great hosts once again. Thank you CAC!

The results of the tournament are as follows:

1st Place Team
Abundant Life Tabernacle
Pastor Paul Forsythe
Coaches - Jay & Melanie Armstrong
Quizzers - Nicole & Natalie Armstrong

2nd Place Team
Christian Life Apostolic Church
Pastor Larry Wallbrown
Coaches - Jack & Missy Skidmore
Quizzers - Kaila Skidmore, Sierra Skidmore, Thomas Wallbrown

3rd Place Team
Solid Rock Worship Center
Pastor Greg Hurley
Coaches - Laura Hurley, Leslie Clutter
Quizzers - Gentry Fitzwater, Felecity Fitzwater, Miranda Hurley, Abby Hurley, Madison Hurley

1st Place Individual
Kaila Skidmore

2nd Place Individual
Nicole Armstrong

3rd Place Individual
Hossanah Barrett

The two teams that were missing were the Senior Bible Quizzers of Riverside Apostolic Church of Morgantown,WV Pastor David Hudson. They participated in the Cincinnati Invitational, which has some very tough competition, and they represented the WV District very well by placing 4th overall and Chandler Hudson was the 3rd Highest Scoring Individual of the Tournament. Congratulations to the RAC quizzers and coaches! Great job!

Next month we will be at Solid Rock Worship Center in Oak Hill, WV with Pastor Greg Hurley on March 23 at 9am. If you are interested in Bible Quizzing and would like to see what it's all about, come and see us, you won't regret it!

We have only just begun! 2013 will be a season to remember!

Rev. Michael Ray
WV Senior Bible Quizzing Coordinator




Record-shattering missions offering via CFC!

We’re so pleased to tell you that without including pledges that are on their way in, the WV District is almost 92% of the way toward setting an all-time record in missions giving through Christmas For Christ, and with pledges, we will be beyond the old record! The amount needed for reaching the goal (not including pledges) is now only: $2,793.82. Praise the Lord!

We're shooting for 100% participation, regardless of a church's offering amount, large or small. It appears that several sections will have 100% participation once the pledges arrive that are currently on their way to us. Can you send something for Christmas For Christ? If so, please mail your check out today, made out to “WV NAM”, mailed to:

Pastor David Forsythe
PO Box 3068
Wheeling WV, 26003.

  • God bless the Riverside Apostolic Church, Morgantown, WV, Pastor David M. Hudson, for an excellent offering of $3020.13.
  • God bless the First United Pentecostal Church, Ravenswood, WV, Pastor David T. Johnston, for an excellent offering of $1,415.00.
  • God bless the St Albans United Pentecostal Church, St Albans, WV, Pastor Stephen Neese, for an almost twofold increase over last year, with an excellent offering of $1,013.00
  • God bless the Pennsboro Apostolic Church, Pennsboro, WV, Pastor David Simons, for an excellent offering of $600.

There are more we’ll thank in a future message.

Churches, please tally up and mail your offering today, to:

Pastor David Forsythe
PO Box 3068
Wheeling WV, 26003.

Because of your giving, we are setting a new record while changing the climate for church planting across North America. Please join us in prayer that God would send forth laborers to help plant new churches in WV and western Maryland.

CCYC13 Revival Report

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Capital City Youth Convention 2013 was a tremendous success!  The Spirit of the Lord moved in a very powerful way.  Friday night the entire auditorium became an altar service with students, youth groups, saints, pastors and ministers praying for each other in a most apostolic way!  The crowd on Friday night swelled to over 1,200 people.  Thirty minutes before service we had to add an additional 200 chairs because the attendance was so great.

On Saturday morning, 41 ministers and those aspiring to ministry (40 years of age and under) gathered in a private session with Bro. Stoneking (see photos below). A great visitation of the Lord met with us and it was very encouraging.

Here are a few highlights for you:

  • We are happy to report to you that 26 students were filled with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost!
  • An Assembly of God youth pastor was present and said that their group had never seen or experienced anything like what was happening at CCYC13.  One of their students was filled with the Holy Ghost.
  • There are numerous reports of backsliders praying back through in their living rooms as they watched the live streaming of the event.
  • Testimonies continue to come in of a great overflow of REVIVAL in Sunday services in local churches across WV in the wake of CCYC13.
  • Civic Center Staff commented to us that they were so impressed with our WV students.  They also mentioned that during most "religious" events they host, young people are normally wandering the halls and seem disinterested and bored with the events but that this was not the case with WV youth.  This is a great testimony to the hunger our students have for God and to the training they are receiving from pastors and youth leaders in their home churches!
  • If you have a testimony, please share with us at:  youthpres@wvupci.org or on our WV Youth Facebook Page.

Also, please note the following:

  • Dropcards with access to MP3 files of all services are available for $10 by contacting Justin Meadors at youthsec@wvupci.org
  • Our photographer, Nicholas Woolsey, took hundreds of photographs and has multiple packages including individual photo downloads, official CCYC13 CD of photos, and official CCY13 CD of photos with printing rights available at:  Nicholas Woolsey Photography
  • Youth Convention 2014 dates are February 13-14, 2014.

In closing, let me thank our wonderful Youth Secretary Justin Meadors and his wife Tiphanii for their outstanding help in planning and executing this event.  We also have an amazing team who we love and appreciate so much:

  • Section One--Nathaniel and Amanda Reed
  • Secton Two--Roger and JoLia Zimmerman
  • Section Three--Joe and Lisa Hunt
  • Section Four--Joel and Angela Sites
  • Section Five--Jarrod and Crystal Price

We also give honor to Rev. Stephen Kuntzman and Rev. Jacob Pack for serving as "Platform and Service Coordinators."  Their work behind the scenes was a blessing. And, finally THANK YOU pastors, parents, grandparents and youth leaders for allowing us the privilege to minister to and host your students at CCYC13!

Please check www.wvyouth.com/, the WV Youth Facebook page and Twitter for important updates as we move forward.

Sincerely in Christ,

Robert E. Fazzalore
WV Youth Ministry President