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“We’re here to help you win children for the Lord Jesus Christ.” In addition to providing curriculum, training, and resources to help local Sunday Schools and teachers reach children with truth, the Sunday School Department also oversees such vital ministries as Junior Bible Quizzing, Single Adult Ministry, and Junior Youthcamp.

Camp Registration Deadline Quickly Approaching

Just a reminder to all Pastors and Children's Ministry Directors at the local church level. The pre-registration deadline is June 10 for the $125 rate.  After that deadline registration will go to the at-the-door rate of $150.  You can visit the Children's Ministry website at - and register your campers along with paying for the registration with any credit/debit card.  This is the easiest way to make sure you get your registration in for the deadline.  Any registration received after June 10 will be charged at the $150 rate.

You can also find directions and other information at the Children's website.

Junior Bible Quizzing 2013

The new Bible Quizzing season is here.  The first tournament is February 16.  All tournaments this season begin sharply at 9:00 AM.  If your team is late they will not receive the bonus 10 points to be used throughout the tournament.

Below is the complete schedule for the season:
February 16 - Clarksburg - Pastor Doug Joseph

March 23 - Oak Hill - Pastor Greg Hurley

April 12-13 - Extravaganza - Annapolis, MD - Pastor Chester Wright

***Registration site for Extravaganza -

May 10-11 - Mountaineer Invitational - Morgantown - Pastor David Hudson

June 8 - WV State Finals - Location TBD

The season cost for this year for each team is as follows:

  • Tournament 1, 2 & State Finals - First Team $40, Second Team $30, Third-Fifth $20 each
  • Tournament 3 - Determined by National Children’s Department
  • Mountaineer Invitational - First Team $50, Each Additional Team $40

Bible Quizzing will change the lives of your children, as I have seen in my own family.  Go to this site to register and pay for each tournament:           

If you have any questions please email me:

WV Children’s Camp 2012

It is that time of year again.  Only a little over 3 weeks left.  Please take note that the pre-registration deadline is June 1.  You can find the documents that you need and pay for registration at the following site:   Pre-registration is $125 and registration at-the-door is $150.  Make sure you take the time to read all the camp documents that are on the site.

We are looking forward to a great camp this year with some added surprises.  We are praying and fasting so that we can be ready to minister to the children and that God will open up the windows and pour out upon all present.

If you are a pastor there is also information, at the above site, to help you develop a better Children's Ministry.  Just click on the Pastors link.


Please send your SOC Offering to Brother Jon Henry by June first. 50% of the offering remains in the district. 50% of the offering goes to Headquarters.
Sunday School Camp ages eight - twelve begins June 13, 2011.

79.66% reporting:
EASTER SUNDAY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE 5875 with 47 0f 59 churches reporting.

41% Reporting Easter Sunday School Attendance

The UPCI has asked the WV District Sunday School Department to gather and report the Easter Sunday School Attendance for all district churches. Will you help us by reporting your attendance. Will you also let us know if you are using UPCI Sunday School Literature? Then we ask, will you please send to your district Sunday School Department a Save Our Children Offering? Thank You for caring about reaching souls for Jesus.


Our goal is to "REACH" and "WIN" people to Jesus through Sunday School. Look at the results for the month of April 2011. With nine churches reporting there were 981 visitors in our district Sunday Schools. What are you doing that is getting people to go with you to Sunday School. Leave a comment. Perhaps your method would work for others.

Remembering the WV UPCI Campground

Honoring the Past While Looking Forward to the Future

The WV District UPCI ministers have voted on three different occasions to sell the campground. The third and final vote (on April 19, 2011) was to accept an offer of $320,000, which amount is to be protected in an interest-bearing account that guards the investment while funding the planting of new UPCI churches.

By vote of the ministers, the funds cannot be touched except by a super-majority vote of the District Conference. The recent theft of all copper plumbing lines from the camp is resulting in an insurance claim that will be sufficient to cover all the District's closing cost for the sale. This means the full $320,000 will go into the protected account.

The District will be having youth camps elsewhere. Youth camps / camp-meetings are a part of our Apostolic culture, and they will continue to be. With God's help, our future will be even brighter than our wonderful past. With many fond memories, we honor not only the history on the campground, but all the precious saints and ministers who have labored to provide that history.