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2016 WV Sunday School camp is coming soon!

SS Camp

2016 WV Sunday School camp is coming soon!   Camp is June 27-30 at the Rippling Waters Campground.  Select the links below for your applications.  The applications must be submitted by June 1st.

2016 Sunday School Camper Registration

2016 Sunday School Worker Registration

Follow up from the General Sunday School Director


Dear Sunday School TEAM,

Greetings from St. Louis, Missouri! We have just returned from an incredible week in West Virginia. Below are the things I learned in West Virginia:

  1. West Virginia knows how to give cool gifts: I got a real chocolate outhouse. I haven't eaten it yet, but its cool!
  2. West Virginia knows how to plan. Each SOC Crusade service was on schedule. Pastors and sectional directors were actively involved with the service. All services were filled with lots of children and adults. Honor goes to the leaders!
  3. West Virginia has some incredible wives of leaders. Sister Tiffany Pack, wife of WV SS Director, and Sister Clutter, Wife of WV SS Secretary, were at all services and they both had children with them! They toiled with their husbands and were incredible examples to other ladies about the position they hold. We commend these ladies as they lead WV by example. It would be really good if every SS Director would hug and kiss your wife and tell them how thankful you are to have them supporting you!
  4. West Virginia had lots of leadership support! The WV District Youth President was there. The WV District Secretary was present, along with Presbyters in EVERY service. They were honored from the platform and commended for attending the services. Many children's evangelists were there!
  5. West Virginia knows God is no respecter of age. While SOC Crusades are geared toward children, there were two 70-year-old-PLUS people who got the Holy Ghost on the first night! Both of them wanted the Holy Ghost and received it.
  6. West Virginia chose a great children's evangelist. Eddie and Vickie Gorden from Louisiana did an incredible job. You need to see the 6-foot-balloon in the service. Kids were amazed, along with the adults.
  7. West Virginia will set a record Save Our Children goal! With the incredible momentum we felt, I believe they could double. With 68 filled with the Holy Ghost in the WV SOC Crusades, this is an incredible boost to their 60-plus churches!

I guess you never get too old to learn. Easter comes early this year, so let's promote, promote, promote. We have lots of gifts, if you need them. We have SOC sticky pads, pens, chip clips, sports cups with spill proof tops, golf tees, hand sanitizers, and many other items. What would happen if EVERY DISTRICT set a SOC record? Thanks for giving and working for that goal. If I can help in any way, please feel free to call upon me.

The JBQ Extravaganzas begin this week and there will be six of those around the country. We begin SOC Crusades in Mississippi and Tennessee in April. Please be in prayer for this Division, as we strive to reach as many souls as we can!


Steve L Cannon
General Sunday School Director / UPCI

Camp Registration Deadline Quickly Approaching

Just a reminder to all Pastors and Children's Ministry Directors at the local church level. The pre-registration deadline is June 10 for the $125 rate.  After that deadline registration will go to the at-the-door rate of $150.  You can visit the Children's Ministry website at - and register your campers along with paying for the registration with any credit/debit card.  This is the easiest way to make sure you get your registration in for the deadline.  Any registration received after June 10 will be charged at the $150 rate.

You can also find directions and other information at the Children's website.

Junior Bible Quizzing 2013

The new Bible Quizzing season is here.  The first tournament is February 16.  All tournaments this season begin sharply at 9:00 AM.  If your team is late they will not receive the bonus 10 points to be used throughout the tournament.

Below is the complete schedule for the season:
February 16 - Clarksburg - Pastor Doug Joseph

March 23 - Oak Hill - Pastor Greg Hurley

April 12-13 - Extravaganza - Annapolis, MD - Pastor Chester Wright

***Registration site for Extravaganza -

May 10-11 - Mountaineer Invitational - Morgantown - Pastor David Hudson

June 8 - WV State Finals - Location TBD

The season cost for this year for each team is as follows:

  • Tournament 1, 2 & State Finals - First Team $40, Second Team $30, Third-Fifth $20 each
  • Tournament 3 - Determined by National Children’s Department
  • Mountaineer Invitational - First Team $50, Each Additional Team $40

Bible Quizzing will change the lives of your children, as I have seen in my own family.  Go to this site to register and pay for each tournament:           

If you have any questions please email me:

WV Children’s Camp 2012

It is that time of year again.  Only a little over 3 weeks left.  Please take note that the pre-registration deadline is June 1.  You can find the documents that you need and pay for registration at the following site:   Pre-registration is $125 and registration at-the-door is $150.  Make sure you take the time to read all the camp documents that are on the site.

We are looking forward to a great camp this year with some added surprises.  We are praying and fasting so that we can be ready to minister to the children and that God will open up the windows and pour out upon all present.

If you are a pastor there is also information, at the above site, to help you develop a better Children's Ministry.  Just click on the Pastors link.


Please send your SOC Offering to Brother Jon Henry by June first. 50% of the offering remains in the district. 50% of the offering goes to Headquarters.
Sunday School Camp ages eight - twelve begins June 13, 2011.

79.66% reporting:
EASTER SUNDAY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE 5875 with 47 0f 59 churches reporting.

41% Reporting Easter Sunday School Attendance

The UPCI has asked the WV District Sunday School Department to gather and report the Easter Sunday School Attendance for all district churches. Will you help us by reporting your attendance. Will you also let us know if you are using UPCI Sunday School Literature? Then we ask, will you please send to your district Sunday School Department a Save Our Children Offering? Thank You for caring about reaching souls for Jesus.