40th Anniversary Celebration in Clarksburg

Adena Joseph, at shooting range, during CAC's 40th Anniversary, 2011-05-21
Bro. Dave Todd assists Adena Joseph at shooting range during CAC's 40th Anniversary, 2011-05-21

Christian Apostolic Church's 40th Anniversary Celebration (May 20-22, 2011) was so wonderful. God showed up and showed off in a way that defies description using mere words. Special thanks to our founding First Lady, Sis Bev Feathers, for blessing us there, and to our former pastor, Rev. Terry Null, who blessed us as the main speaker, and to Rev. Jerry Samouce, who blessed us with life applications of biblical archeology and who did multiple live pourings of hot, liquid bronze during the Sunday afternoon portion of the event. Rev. Terry Null's preaching was greatly used of God to help us.

We were also greatly blessed by pastors who originally came from our church and who founded churches elsewhere. These included Rev. David Harris Sr (Pastor of Calvary Apostolic Church of Grafton, WV) and Rev. George Cross (Pastor of Midway Apostolic Church of Philippi, WV). These great men were a tremendous blessing to us!

There were also some visiting pastors who were not originally from CAC, but that came blessed us. These included Rev. Jon Henry (Morgantown), Rev. Wayne Efaw (Fairmont), and Rev. Greg Hurley (Oakhill). The praise team from the Efaw's church was a great blessing to us Saturday night, and Clarksburg city councilman Patsy Trecost III was a blessing to us Saturday night. On Sunday morning, Pastor Greg Hurley ministered a powerful word to the church, and he and his daughter blessed us with anointing singing.

In every service, God moved powerfully, and on Sunday night, God exploded on the scene in a way so amazing it cannot be described. During the whole weekend, God filled two people with His Spirit, and one of them was baptized. The other had already been baptized previously. Those who were present will never be the same. It was amazing.

Below: Some photos of our time at the shooting range, just one of the many exciting activities that occurred during our 40th Anniversary Celebration.