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  1. My comment is more of a question. My 17 year old daughter would like to come back to camp this year but we are no longer attending church. In able for her to attend this year, do we need to have a Pastor’s signature like the form says? Please let me know when you can. Thanks very much for your time.

    1. Dear Cynthia: You can directly email the Youth President and/or Youth Secretary at these addresses: and … I am sure they will get back with you on that. As a former Youth Secretary, I believe the answer will be that you do need a signature of a UPCI pastor, but that gets done every year for campers who are not attending a UPCI church. It is based on the confidence of the pastor in the young person to behave while at camp. The final answer will come from those officials mentioned above. They will seek counsel if they need to, in order to answer authoritatively.

      1. Hey. Question. What does business casual mean? Is that like a collared shirt and jeans for boys? What for the girls? We just want to be sure we pack right. Lol

  2. Just wanted to put this on the WV site. Words from my wife:

    Thanks to God for all of the people that love and care and pray! The doctor let me know the melanoma was stage 1, and he is confident he got it all. He let me know that this was caught in an early stage. He reported that because it was detected and removed so early, it hadn’t had time to spread and become life threatening! Exactly what we all prayed! I am only missing a 2″ x 3″ place on my leg and half ounce of fat! LOL. The doctor does not recommend this diet plan! LOL. Prior to this, my husband mutually decided with his doctor to put off his last two surgeries, and then he felt immediately led to not permit me to cancel my doctor’s appointment. My doctor then sent me to a specialist, who did a shave biopsy and found stage 1 melanoma. He removed it six weeks later! I thank God for my husband who is led by God and who listens to His voice. And thanks to our God who speaks clearly! Otherwise, I would have had advanced cancer by the time my husband was done with his surgeries! What a loving sacrifice and what a loving God! Thank you to all who prayed. God loves us so much.

  3. Just wanted to take the time to praise God for He is an awesome God. My husband, Rev. Joe Adkins, had a tumor on his pituitary gland. The only cure was through surgery—brain surgery. We did what God’s infallible Word says to do; we called on the elders of the church and we prayed and believed that God was going to move. God chose not to move that way, and we were faced with surgery. The surgery itself was scary enough. I mean come on, brain surgery. The side-effects were enough to make the most faithful person go screaming into the night. He would be faced with possible blindness, diabetes insipidus, and a host of hormonal problems for the rest of his life. We trusted in God but yet, at the same time, we would find ourselves scared at times and wondering where is God. Finally, surgery came and after four long, long, long hours I was able to meet with the doctor who preformed the surgery. What I heard next was, well, quite frankly unbelievable. The doctor was able to get all of the tumor (it was the size of a golf ball). The tumor was not cancerous. The pituitary gland was saved (which we were told was not possible), and like icing on the cake, it was working and producing hormones (which it was supposedly never to do again). My husband’s sight was fully intact and he was seeing better then ever. None of these things were supposed to happen, but with the Master Physician guiding a human surgeon’s hands, they did. My husband is still recuperating, but only a week after surgery we were back in church praising God and he was up on the platform leading service again. God chose not to answer our prayers our way, but His way. Would I have loved for God to have healed him outright, with the touch of His hand? You bet. But He saw and wanted it done His way. God’s way is always best, and He knows best. If we would just leave it in His hands all would be best. We praise God for His goodness and all that He has done for us. Thank you to everyone who prayed, and who is continuing to pray for Bro. Joe.

  4. I am so excited about what God is doing for CAC! For years and years we have heard prophecies time and time again by visiting evangelist, missionaries, etc that God was going to give us a huge increase of souls and for some of us who have been watching, praying and waiting have wondered, how will we fit that many souls in the building? Well, now God has begun to move and put His plan together! It is going to happen folks, just you watch and see!!!

  5. My first time on website since the modifications. Looks great and I found what I was after, which is very important. Thank you for your hard work and sharing with us your skills. May God bless you in every way.

  6. One giant leap on the technology ladder. I wouldn’t be surprised if the website keeps you hopping. Technology can be so frustrating and rewarding at the same time.

    1. You are welcome, and thank you for submitting photos. However, they have not arrived yet. Please consider doing two things: (1) Verify the email address spelling as and (2) remember that the world of email has limits on how many megabytes can be attached to a single email. On some servers, the limit is as low as about 3 MB or 3.5 MB. More than that is often not allowed on a single email. So, if you send very many photos by email, you may have to attach fewer photos per email, and send several emails. Thanks again!

  7. Bishop G.A. Mangun completed his journey early this morning, June 17.

    Surrounded by his family, he journeyed across the river to the sounds of a victorious angelic welcome. His death was as powerful and victorious as his incredible life.

    We mourn and rejoice, we grieve and celebrate. We are beyond blessed to have lived in the same era as this unparalleled man of God, but even 91 years of legend is never enough.

    The Mangun family is forever indebted to everyone for their love, prayers, and support. We will gather together to laugh and cry in the days to come. You provide such strength to us.

    The homegoing service for Bishop G. A. Mangun will be Tuesday, June 22, at 6:00 pm at The Pentecostals of Alexandria. Visitation will begin at 12 noon and continue until service time.

    Graveside service will be Wednesday, June 23, at 10:00 am with procession departing from The Pentecostals of Alexandria at 9:30 am. Interment at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Pineville, LA.

    1. Thanks, Elder. We now have this posted on the WV Network of Prayer page. You all can feel to post prayer related things directly on the WV Network of Prayer page (it does not require an admin to do so).

    1. Thanks for being willing to submit/post pics!

      Some details for submitting pics are found here:

      …and more complete details about posting and uploading can be found by clicking “More” (in the main menu at the top) and choosing “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions). Here is a shortcut directly to the FAQ page:

      Basically, you can either register on the site so you can post (and for uploading pics we’ll need to get your account upgraded to author status, but you’d have to register first) or you can email pics that you are submitting as potential header images. Our email is

    1. Thank you, Sis Rhonda, for the kind words! We have put a lot of work into finding a great solution for the district’s needs. We hope more people will register and take advantage of it like you and your husband have!

  8. Updates:

    We have ‘gone live’ by switching the new code so it functions on our main domain ( You should now be reading this on our main, regular (.org) domain!

    Psst: This does not mean we’re done with building the new site. It just means we’ve gotten enough done that we’re ready to move the rest of the construction phase over to the regular domain, so everyone can start enjoying the site while we progress in our ongoing work.

    PS: We have established the bridge from the district’s new web site and the district’s Twitter account. This post and all future posts should show up on Twitter.

    1. We have now established the bridge from the district’s new web site and the district’s Facebook account. This also means that you can log into the WV UPCI site by using your Facebook log-in. Logging into one logs you into the other. You can also post comments with that log-in. Creation of an account on this site is a simple step on your first time in.

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