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14 Replies to “Contact Us”

    1. If live streaming occurs it would be an effort of the host church. This year, the host church is Apostolic Life Cathedral in Huntington, WV. They do normally stream at least some of their services. We’re not sure if they plan to stream the camp meeting, but if so, the link below is where you would most likely be able to access the stream:

    1. Dear Lynn:

      We replied to you by email, however, the address you supplied to us was nonfunctional.

      The Junior events usually happen on the same day as the Senior events, which are shown on the calendar on the district website. We have forwarded your message to the Sunday School Department. Hopefully someone from their department will add their events to the calendar to confirm them coinciding with the Senior events. They will not be able to reply to you directly for the same reason why our earlier reply was unable to reach you.

      Pastor Doug Joseph
      Site Admin

  1. hello, i am the descendents of rev. wilbur forbush and carry smith and ludy smith, also mary smith deweese. i was wondering i have the book in which the picutre in which ludy smith is in. can you tell me which one she is. thanks. enjoy reading the book. uncle wilbur is in on my grandmother’s side. and carry smith and ludy smith are on my grandfather’s side. they are my great-great uncles and aunt. thanks. virginia

    1. Dear Virginia: We have obtained an answer for you and will email you the info if you included your email address in the comment form.

    2. Try contacting one of Wilburs great grand children….

      [Editor’s Note: Relatives names and phone numbers in this comment were emailed privately, and then were removed from the comment, as the people that were named may not wish their contact info to be displayed publicly on the internet.]

  2. Dear Bro. Hudson: I have every district praying for me. I have two doctor appointments: one on August 20 for my liver, and one on August 22 at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee. I was prayed for on July 29 for seizures. I trust by faith that God has healed me. I got two prayer cloths, which I keep handy. I told the devil that he is not taking my healing away, in Jesus name. God is the same in West Virginia as He is in Tennessee, so keep me in your prayers. Thanks, Chris Johnson.

  3. On our sister site, the WV Network of Prayer, you can pray over needs or submit prayer requests and/or praise reports. This site (WV UPCI) contains links to the WVNOP site on our main front page and in our main menu, under “Ministries” (M-Z).

    Feel free to post your prayer requests there. It is very easy to do. One need not register in order to post submissions, but registration is encouraged, and it can be done either directly or by using your Facebook login. As always, your WVUPCI login will work on the WVNOP site as well. Thanks for the great question!

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