Daughter work in Oak Hill, WV

Much excitement fills the hearts and souls of the Apostolic Lighthouse as we stand in awe of the mighty power of our awesome God.

Moved by divine direction we are stepping out by faith to start a daughter work in a much larger and more populated area thirty minutes from our current location. Oak Hill, WV is a city long overdue for a United Pentecostal Church. It's a city that is ripe and ready for harvest. Our first service will be August 15 for which we are in great expectation of what God is going to do.

Coming from a construction background, I realize that the foundation is the most difficult and time consuming phase of any structure, but we are ready to take this area by storm with an experienced and anointed base of musicians, singers, and staff already in place. Before the very first note has been played or the first message has been preached God has begun to do marvelous and miraculous things for us, thus signifying His seal of approval.

Revelation 3:8 says, "behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name." In the past several weeks God has clearly set before us some open doors that we could have never opened within ourselves. God has already let me cross paths with two denominational pastors developing friendships with them. At a local restaurant after Sunday morning service one stopped by my table on his way out and told me he has been studying about the blood and the name of Jesus Christ and has asked to meet with him in the very near future. A Bible study was given to a Trinitarian youth leader who now wants to be baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. One man stood before me weeping as he told me of his sinful past. He started smoking at the age of six, lived on the streets of San Diego for twelve years addicted to every form of drug and alcohol. He told me he needs change in his life. He has commited to be in the first service. I have also crossed paths with several backslidden families who are very excited about the new work.

Last but certainly not least, location is very important. We have always desired to be in a high traffic location but property in this area is very expensive, making it seem unobtainable. In recent days one acre of commercial property on the main highway has sold for as much as $650,000. But God has moved on the heart of a denominational business man who owns 18 acres on the main highway, which is a main road connecting through southern WV. Between 50,000-70,000 cars travel this road every day. This man told us that he and his wife would pray and fast about the direction of the property. During church camp last week I received a call that he would sell the land to our church for $125,000.

We are anticipating a mighty outpouring in Oak Hill, WV at Solid Rock Worship Center.

To God be the glory,
Pastor Greg Hurley