Honoring Elders at Camp

Honoring Elders at Camp, Friday PM 7/30/10
Reunion of campers from the 1960's and 1970's
WV UPCI Campground, Point Pleasant, WV—A reunion of campers from the 1960s and 1970s filled several rows at the front of the old tabernacle on Friday, July 30, 2010. One of the event's main organizers, Bro. David Ramsey, said that the reunion came about due to the networking ease of Facebook. The social networking web site has become a giant success with over 500,000,000 members, and many reunions of all kinds have been made possible because of the site. To get some idea of the size of that number of members, consider that the entire population of the United States—counting every man, woman, and child—is estimated to be just over 307,000,000.

Honoring Elders at Camp, Friday PM 7/30/10
Sister Elsie Shelton
Honoring Elders at Camp, Friday PM 7/30/10
Pastor William Ferrell
Honoring Elders at Camp, Friday PM 7/30/10
Pastor Kenneth Perine

Among those called out to be honored were Sister Elsie Shelton, Pastor William Ferrell (retired), and Pastor Kenneth Perine (retired). Pastor David Hudson also provided time for some of the attendees to greet the crowd and reminisce about their time as campers on the campground.

Honoring Elders at Camp, Friday PM 7/30/10
Pastors Coleman and Priddy were each presented with a handsome commemorative of the camp. More are available to donors who give $100 for a roof on the girls dorm.

Two precious friends of the WV UPCI camp, Pastor Daniel Coleman and Pastor P. Duane Priddy, were especially honored for their years of selfless work to maintain, enhance, and promote the campground. Their labor of love has made a difference in the lives of thousands of youths who have been blessed, strengthened, encouraged, anointed, filled, healed, and called of God, while worshiping on Holy Hill at the old campground. They were each presented with one of a series of beautiful commemoratives of the campground. The custom-made commemoratives were filled with earth from the campground and outwardly displayed an aerial photograph of the campground on the obverse, with an engraved section on the reverse. The engraving on the reverse reads as follows:

May we never take for granted the soil that many great men and women once walked upon. Let us remember their personal sacrifices, memories, and legacies that were created and branded on that sacred soil. We must remember, honor, and preserve those memories by acknowledging the imprint that those footsteps from the past have made, and understand how that imprint will continue to impact future lives that walk upon that same soil.

Twenty or so more of the commemoratives were available to donors willing to give $100 toward a new roof on the girls’ dorm. Most of them were taken that night, and more can be made as needed. If you would like to help the camp, please consider donating $100 toward the new roof on the dorm, and in thanks you will receive one of the commemoratives.

Photos by Pastor Doug Joseph. Click a thumbnail to zoom in.

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  1. I’m so glad they have not sold the campground. Spent many years there working through the summer and sometimes winter and have parked many cars. Bro. Coleman and Bro. Priddy have given more than anyone will ever know to the campground, and they deserve this honor. God bless you both for putting up with me all those years.

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