Revival in Ohio Valley

All I can say is WOW! Jesus Christ is so awesome.

Two received the Holy Ghost. Deaf ears opened. Stomach problems healed. Bell's palsy healed. Pain in hip gone. Heart pain gone. Devils cast out, and the Holy Ghost came in. Joy restored. Past hurts and failures replaced with the peace of the Holy Ghost. And it's not over yet. God is so AWESOME! Here we come, devil. It's time to take a journey and start singing "Nothing Can Compare" and tell the devil you have "No Vacancy."

All this happened in Wheeling, WV where we are holding ongoing revival services with Pastor David Forsythe and the great saints of Abundant Life Tabernacle.

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  1. I was born and raised in Bridgeport. Now I live in Indianapolis, and I am married to an Apostolic pastor. I have family there, and I want them to go to an Apostolic church and get saved. I was glad to find out that there is an Apostolic Church in my hometown. Praise be to God. I will try to get them to visit. Pray for them.

  2. WOW! God did it again. Below are the current totals for the revival in the Ohio valley:

    We’re home from an awesome revival in the Ohio valley. God did some amazing things. We added up the totals: Eighteen (18) people were filled with the Holy Ghost! At Abundant Life Tabernacle (UPCI) in Wheeling, under Pastor David Forsythe, there were two (2) brand new infillings and three (3) people renewed in the Holy Ghost. At Gateway Apostolic Church (UPCI) in Bridgeport, Ohio, also under Pastor David Forsythe, we saw one (1) brand new infilling and four (4) people renewed in the Holy Ghost. At a Section 1 rally (“Friday Night Alive Service”) hosted by Christian Life Apostolic Church (UPCI) in Wellsburg, under Pastor Jay Armstrong, we saw two (2) brand new infillings, and then on Sunday, also at Christian Life Apostolic Church in Wellsburg, under Pastor Jay Armstrong, the Lord filled five (5) brand new ones, and renewed one (1). There were three (3) total that were water baptized in Jesus name: one (1) at Gateway Apostolic Church and two (2) at Christian Life Apostolic Church. Evangelist Pascal Crites preached the Alive service and also preached on Sunday at Christian Life Apostolic Church. My did he ever preach. Thank you all for your prayers and sacrifice. God will truly bless you all.

  3. God did his stuff in this past week @ Gateway revival in Bridgeport Ohio under the leadership of Pastor David Forsythe. God filled 4 with Holy Ghost 3 were backsliders and 1 was brand new. She was also Baptized in Jesus Name. The God of Miracles showed up again and several were healed by the Power of the name of Jesus.

    Revival will be countiued August 25-29th @ Gateway Apostolic Church.

    I so Amazed how God is blessing ALT in wheeling and GAC in Ohio. I am just glad to be apart of it.

    I will get more reports on what God has done and Post them soon.

  4. Bro. Harris, I’m still in awe of God’s awesome presence and power last weekend! I’m looking forward to you (and hopefully your family) being with us in Bridgeport, Ohio. I’m believing God for things yet to be seen! God bless you and your family!

    1. Thank You Sister Marlana.

      Side Joke between Pastor and Sister Forsythe and Marlana has Pastor’s Wife sprayed any one with anything Lately.

      LOL I haven’t laugh that hard in while I almost Pasted out.

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