Remembering the WV UPCI Campground

Honoring the Past While Looking Forward to the Future

The WV District UPCI ministers have voted on three different occasions to sell the campground. The third and final vote (on April 19, 2011) was to accept an offer of $320,000, which amount is to be protected in an interest-bearing account that guards the investment while funding the planting of new UPCI churches.

By vote of the ministers, the funds cannot be touched except by a super-majority vote of the District Conference. The recent theft of all copper plumbing lines from the camp is resulting in an insurance claim that will be sufficient to cover all the District's closing cost for the sale. This means the full $320,000 will go into the protected account.

The District will be having youth camps elsewhere. Youth camps / camp-meetings are a part of our Apostolic culture, and they will continue to be. With God's help, our future will be even brighter than our wonderful past. With many fond memories, we honor not only the history on the campground, but all the precious saints and ministers who have labored to provide that history.