Dear West Virginia Family,

On behalf of all the Youth Team let me wish you a very Happy Independence Day!

The Youth Team has been working diligently to prepare for Youth Camp 2011 which begins three weeks from today!  We are very excited about the new venue and the many new activities we are able to include this year.

We believe it will be a great camp for your students and youth!

Let me remind you that pre-registration is $125 per camper and must be postmarked by next Monday, July 11th! Registration at the door (space permitting) will be $150.  Be sure and take advantage of the savings and pre-register today!  We have received several pre-registration forms already.  However, there is still PLENTY OF ROOM for all campers desiring to attend (both girls and boys)!

More camp information is also available at our new WV YOUTH MINISTRY WEBSITE at

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns about youth camp.


Robert Fazzalore
WV District Youth President


3 Replies to “YOUTH CAMP 2011 REMINDER”

  1. I just visited the site and was wondering about the swim suit deal. How will that work? Will girls and boys be swimming at different times? Will the campers be required to wear something over their swim suits while in the pool? Is the pool in situated so that while one group is swimming the other group can’t see them? If not, how does this jive with modesty and the fact that the sexes are not to swim together? Not trying to start an argument. I just want to know how this will work, especially in light of the UPCI’s standards with modesty, dress, etc…

    1. In answer to your questions:

      Yes there will be swimming at camp this year. However, in no way will we allow modesty to be compromised. Guys and girls will NOT be allowed to swim together. Guys and girls will be swimming at different times. The pool is set in an area by itself so there will be privacy in that regard. Also, swimming will be done at night which will also help in this matter. Swim suits will be allowed at the pool however, modest clothing must be worn to and from the pool.

      I have copied and pasted off of the youth website some of our dress codes and rules that apply to this matter below:

      ■All campers, camp staff, and workers staying in the dormitories, trailer park, or hotel must maintain the same holy dress standards. The Youth President, Youth Secretary or designate shall decide all questions concerning dress code after consulting with the District Board or their designate when necessary.

      ■Towels and washcloths
      ■Bathing suit, beach towel(s) (one piece swimsuits only please.)
      ■Girls Only: if you plan on doing the zip line activity, please bring “tights/leggings” to wear under your skirt/dress outfit. If you plan on swimming, please bring a modest robe/cover up to wear to and from the swimming pool since there is not changing room at the pool.
      ■Boys Only: Please bring an extra pair of sweatpants to wear over your swim shorts. There is no changing room at the pool.

      Hope this answers your questions.

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