Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

The WV Youth on Mission Trip to Quebec has just returned from Montreal, Canada!  Around 30 of us traveled throughout the province and visited 4 of the churches in this district.  Church services were powerful, awe-inspiring and life-changing.  You should be very pleased with your students!  They sang, worshipped, prayed and were a tremendous blessing to the churches of Quebec.

Here is a sample YouTube clip of their singing in both French and English:

C'est Si Bon de Louer Son Nom


I’m happy to report to you that we have received over 95 pre-registrations for youth camp and are looking forward to an impacting youth camp!  I can’t think of any youth ministry method that has had more of a lasting impact on our students than youth camp!  We covet earnestly your prayers as we go into this exciting week!

Many have inquired about the campground with regard to the devastating storm of last Friday.  The Rippling Waters Campground did incur a power outage.  However, the administration of the camp has assured us that power will be restored by Saturday. Please pray with us that this indeed does take place!  If there are any updates in this regard you will hear from us ASAP.

Campers, Staff, Parents and Pastors–please note the following information:

  • Registration for ALL campers begins at 12:00 noon next Monday, July 9th at the worship center facility at the Rippling Waters Campground.  Space is limited so if you’ve not already registered and are planning on coming please don’t be late!
  • Staff should report between 10:30 and 11:0o a.m.  Please note that no one should come to camp expecting to work without prior consent from the Youth President.
  • Dress—will be “business casual/casual” for all campers for night services on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Due to the limited space for hang up clothing in the cabins and the cottages—we  strongly urge campers to dress more business casual to casual and to limit themselves to (1) suitcase or duffle bag!  Thursday night will be a “dress up” night.  Girls may want to bring an extra mirror since the bathroom area is smaller than what we were accustomed to at Point Pleasant.
  • Recreation—please bring appropriate basketball clothing, fishing poles, small tackle box, a softball glove and enough changes of clothing.  Our activities will be “Olympic style.”  That is to say—we will move from location to location together and have lots of fun and fellowship along the way.  We will be doing a softball game(s), basketball tournament, paddle boat races, archery shoots, paintball and zipline activities.  Anthony Moss is our recreational events coordinator and has lots of fun planned for the campers.  Please don't forget your softball glove!
  • After church concessions—will be available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. There will be no concessions after the Thursday evening service.
  • Conclusion of camp—Youth Camp ends immediately after the Thursday evening service.  ALL West Virginia District UPCI campers, staff and drive-in visitors must vacate the Rippling Waters campground by 10:00 p.m. on Thursday night (no exceptions and no courtesy stay overs).   Please make arrangements to pick up your campers and students on Thursday evening at the conclusion of the service.
  • Thurday Evening Service--please note that Thursday night's service begins at 7:00 p.m

We encourage saints in the Charleston/Huntington/Parkersburg areas to attend the night services, the morning rallies or to come and watch the recreational activities.  Although the worship center is smaller than the tabernacle in Pt. Pleasant, we do have seating for around 650-750.

Below are flyers, camper registration forms, a schedule and a What-To-Bring List:

WV Youth Camp Flyer Side A

WV Youth Camp Flyer Side B

Camper Registration 2012 (doc)

Camper Registration 2012 (pdf)

Youth Camp 2012 Schedule 

What-To-Pack for Camp

Thanks for allowing us the privilege of ministering to your teens and students!


Robert E. Fazzalore
WV District Youth President