Worship-projection software, open-source, free, & excellent!

Are you daunted by the hefty price tag on most worship-projection software products? You know, the "stuff" that projects Bible verses, song lyrics, announcements, and video onto a screen during services. Did you know that an awesome program exists that is open-source, and therefore free? OpenLP is licensed under the GNU Generic Public License, which means that it is free to use, distribute, modify, and it stays free.

Testimonial: "At Christian Apostolic Church, we have used OpenLP for quite some time, about 2-3 years. We like it, and seems to work fairly well. While premium 'pay' programs can often do more, this open source program is very, very nice. We actually have paid for two different 'pay' programs, and later found this one met our needs better." ~Pastor Doug Joseph

Introduction by a WV Apostolic who serves on the product's development team: "I am Steve Pettit, an Elder and the head of the Multimedia Dept under Pastor David Johnston at the Ravenswood United Pentecostal Church. I know a lot of churches are looking into and/or getting projection equipment and I also know that many of these churches are on limited budgets. With lyrics projection, a major cost of installation can be the software. We at Ravenswood (and Pastor Jet at Spencer, and Pastor Joseph at Clarksburg) use a program called OpenLP that is totally, 100% free, and it rivals others that cost hundreds of dollars. The website is openlp.org. This "open-source" software is an ongoing project developed by a group of individuals all around the world. The project leader, Raoul Snyman, resides in South Africa. I am on the development team. (I do the Windows builds.) I've posted a page on our church website outlining how we do our projection: rwoodupc.org. I am sure other churches would find this software very beneficial for their use. Yours in Christ, Bro. Pettit (ElderP)"

Great news! OpenLP 2.0 has been officially released! After 4+ years in development, the final product has arrived.  It will continued to be supported and updated. Note: The website is still being updated and is not 100% complete.

More information:

OpenLP stands for “Open Lyrics Projection.” It is presentation software developed for churches. It provides a single, easy-to-use interface for the projection needs of a typical worship service. First created in 2004, it has steadily grown in features and maturity, such that it is now a mainstay in hundreds of churches around the world.

OpenLP has searchable databases of songs and Bible verses allowing them to be projected instantly or saved in a prepared-in-advance order of service file. Themes allow for a variety of presentation options and allow you to add attractive visuals to enhance your presentations. PowerPoint and OpenOffice presentations, videos and audio files can be run from within the program removing the need to switch between different programs. Alert messages can be displayed so the nursery or car park stewards can notify the congregation easily. Remote capability allows the worship leader to change songs, or for alert messages to be sent from anywhere on the network, even via a smart phone or tablet.

Being free, this software can be installed on as many PCs as required, including the home PCs of worship leader(s) at no additional cost. Compared to the expensive site licenses and restrictions of commercial software, we believe OpenLP is the perfect choice for quality and value. Still in active development by a growing team of enthusiastic developers, features are being added all the time resulting in continual improvement of the software.

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Again, OpenLP 2.0 has been officially released! After 4+ years in development, the final product has arrived.  It will continued to be supported and updated. Note: The Website is still being updated and is not 100% complete.