Senior Bible Quizzing Registration

The 2013 Senior Bible Quizzing season kicks off in just a couple of weeks!

We will be in Clarksburg, WV at Christian Apostolic Church February the 16th.

Each team please be sure to print off and mail in a registration form along with the registration fee. Each team must be registered before each tournament.

Please note all the changes that have been made, including a new registration fee.

Looking forward to seeing you all at CCYC and the first Senior Bible Quizzing Tournament!

Be sure to call, text, or email at anytime for all questions, concerns, or needs.

Michael Ray                                                                                                                               Senior Bible Quizzing Coordinator                                                                                          Phone - 304-730-1823       Email -

WV Senior Bible Quizzing – Registration Form

2013 Sr Bible Quizzing Study Schedule