Junior Bible Quizzing is Off and Running

Tournament 1 is in the books in WV. We have a total of 22 teams quizzing in the state this year with 12 of those in Junior/Beginner division. We had 10 of those teams present for the first tournament.That is an increase of over 100% participation, and we are thankful for all the churches that decided to dive in this year.

The day began with snow and slick roads but everyone made it safely and we had a day of fiercely contested quizzes. During the course of the tournament we had 22 quizzers answer questions which translates to at least 2 quizzers/team.

There were lots of laughs, some tears & much learning as we have new quizzers and new coaches. But everything went off without any major glitches including the technology side.

The results of the day were as follows:

Beginner Division:
1st Place Team - Morgantown 1
2nd Place Team - Morgantown 2
3rd Place Team - Fairmont

1st High Scorer - Hunter Dakan - 68.75 ppq
2nd High Scorer - Abree Rowan - 62.5 ppq
3rd High Scrorer - Abbie Miller - 57.5 ppq
4th High Scorer - Libby Rojas - 55 ppq
5th High Scorer - Dakota Dakan - 10 ppq

Junior Division:
1st Place Team - Morgantown
2nd Place Team - Keyser
3rd Place Team - Oak Hill

1st High Scorer - Bethany Wolfe - 98.3 ppq
2nd High Scorer - Agape Barrett - 83.3 ppq
3rd High Scrorer - Brianna Woofter - 51.6 ppq
4th High Scorer - Leevi Clutter - 47.5 ppq
5th High Scorer - Trishnee Clutter - 35 ppq

With next tournament in Oak Hill we are ready to roll.  Lots of great competition, that makes for intense edge-of-your-seat viewing.  These quizzers know their Bible and they'll gladly show you as well.