Greetings WV District!

We are just one week away from our second Bible Quizzing Tournament of 2013. It will be on Saturday March 23 beginning at 9am. It will be hosted by Solid Rock Worship Center in Oak Hill, WV with Pastor Greg Hurley.

If you are located within the area you should make every effort to join us for this exciting day of competition. Our young people have been studying very hard and they are representing the WV District very well! You should be proud of your young people and their commitment to studying the Word of God!

Next month several of our teams will be off to Raleigh, NC for the Eastern Extravaganza. Please be in prayer for them and make every effort to support them as they participate in this great, life changing weekend!

I'm sure many of you, when you were young, have at one time participated in Bible Quizzing. That being said, we all know what great of an impact it had on our lives. To be honest with you, I'm not sure were I would be this day without it. Not that it was Bible Quizzing that has kept me all of these years serving God but it was the Word of God that I hide within my heart during Bible Quizzing that has kept me to this day.

For it is written..."Thy Word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee."

We can all testify to that! How powerful His Word is and how it can keep you no matter what you face!

We owe it to our young people to make Bible Quizzing available to them. Each and every church should have this ministry in place so that when these kids grow older they to will be able to share this same testimony that we have to this day...If it wasn't for His Word...where would we be?

We have given ourselves to the Ministry of the Word of God! Let's support our young people as they do the same!

Also...it's never to early to start!

For Junior Bible Quizzing please contact:
Nathaniel Hudson

God bless you all! Thanks for you time! Hope to see you in Oak Hill! 😉

Michael Ray
WV SR Bible Quizzing Coordinator