The spring district conference this year is May 15-16-17. It will be held in Huntington at New Beginnings Apostolic Church with host pastor Rev. Todd Mills and Bishop Mills. The district board will be meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday May 14-15. Any minister desiring to meet the board for licensing you need to:
1) Have pastor’s approval and blessing
2) Fill out an application for license desired (Pastor or presbyter can secure application)
3) Contact the presbyter and inform him so he can conduct an interview with you and your wife if you are applying for the first time
4) If applying for general license or ordination contact presbyter and send completed form to him.
5) Contact District Secretary Dale Pitsenbarger for a scheduled time to meet the board.

All UPCI licensed ministers are qualified to vote at the District Conference provided they are in attendance.
A full schedule and program of conference activities and hotel suggestions will be forth coming from our secretary’s office.


The following men have agreed to serve as our Resolutions Committee:

David Johnston, Chairman
Wilson Hudson
Mark A. Ayers

If you have any resolutions they must be received not later that March 31st, 2013 to allow enough time for the committee to meet and consider the resolutions and mail the completed resolutions to our district by April 15 which is thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of our district conference and satisfies our requirements as outlined in our district constitution.

Resolutions should be sent to Chairman Rev. David Johnston at 512 Sand Street, Ravenswood, WV 26164,

As has already been publicly announced in the Capital City Youth Convention and recognized for his efforts our current Youth President Robert Fazzalore has reached a milestone in his life that will preclude him from continuing as our Youth President. We highly commend Brother Fazzalore for the great efforts with the youth of WV. Brother Fazzalore has represented WV well within and without in his travels.

Also as has also been announced at the CCYC Justin Meadors and his family are moving to Philadelphia, PA to be a Metro missionary in planting a new church in this city. Brother Meadors likewise is to be commended for a job well done as secretary. I feel we have had a dazzling duo at the helm of the youth department leading the way and helping to make the youth department a better place because they have labored faithfully and tirelessly in their efforts.

THANK YOU to both Brother and Sister Fazzalore and Brother and Sister Meadors!

With the above being said it is incumbent upon us to be giving prayerful consideration for the next leaders we will elect in the spring conference.

As a reminder the qualifications for each of these offices is as follows:
All district officers of the Youth Department must hold license or credentials with the United Pentecostal Church International, be in good standing in their district, and be under their thirty-sixth (36th) birthday, unless in special cases, the District Board agrees to lift the age limit. If the officer is currently serving a first term or is fulfilling an unexpired term as District Youth President, eligibility would be granted to serve an additional term, even if over the age of thirty-five (35) at the time of the election. Must con- form to the Fundamental Doctrine. (From 2013 UPCI Manual, Page 98)Esteemed Elders

If any of our ministers are turning 65 by May 17 this year would you inform us as we would like to induct you into the Esteemed Elders Society at our spring conference. Please contact me immediately either at (304)677-8248 or my secretary Michelle at (304)292-4939.

There will be a noon luncheon on Wednesday May 15 for all members of the Esteemed Elders Society.