Hello WV District!

This past weekend we met in Oak Hill, WV at Solid Rock Worship Center for our second BQ Tournament of 2013 and we had a great time!

I would like to say a big thank you to the people of Solid Rock Worship Center and Pastor Greg Hurley for hosting a tournament for a second straight year and doing a fantastic job once again! Thank you!

The results are as follows:

1st Place Team
RAC Team 1
Riverside Apostolic Church
Morgantown, WV
Pastor David Hudson
Quizzers- Chandler Hudson and Jared Henry

2nd Place Team
RAC Team 2
Riverside Apostolic Church
Morgantown, WV
Pastor David Hudson
Quizzers - Caleb Britton and Tori Shaver

3rd Place Team
Christian Life Apostolic Church
Wellsburg, WV
Pastor Larry Wallbrown
Quizzers - Kaila Skidmore, Sierra Skidmore, Tommy Wallbrown, and Jaelynn Royal

1st Place Individual
Chandler Hudson
Riverside Apostolic Church
137.5 Points Per Quiz Average

2nd Highest Scoring Individual
Kaila Skidmore
Christian Life Apostolic Church
110.0 Points Per Quiz Average

3rd Highest Scoring Individual
Eelijah Clutter
Solid Rock Worship Center
80.0 Points Per Quiz Average

Thanks to all the Pastors, Coaches, Parents, and Quizzers that have participated in Bible Quizzing this season and thank you for supporting the WV Youth Ministries and helping make Bible Quizzing possible!

Next month several of our teams will be traveling to Raleigh, North Carolina for the Eastern Extravaganza. Please be praying for them and if you are close to any team that is planning on going please help support them and help make this trip possible. Looking forward to seeing the WV District represent very well at the 2013 Extravaganza!

If you have any questions concerning Bible Quizzing please contact me and I will do everything I can do to help assist you.

God Bless you all!

Have a great Easter Celebration!

Michael Ray
WV Senior Bible Quizzing Coordinator