Memorial Day Reflections | Thriving Pastor

Memorial Day weekend has had a special place in my personal and ministerial journey for a number of years. In many church communities it's largely ignored. That's sad, because without pastoral guidance, Christians are often left on their own to find meaningful ways of commemorating this national holiday. Some of us in church ministry even have a tendency to take a distinctly negative view of this weekend—we think of it as the beginning of the inevitable summer slump in attendance.

I'd suggest we have a change of heart, and would like to propose that Memorial Day can be a meaningful occasion in your church. In fact, I believe its observance can become an opportunity for your congregation to exert a greater influence in the broader community.

In my family of origin we always called Memorial Day "Decoration Day." That was actually the holiday's first name.... Read more on Focus on the Family's "Thriving Pastor" site.