Excellent Resource for Apostolic Churches


Christian Apostolic Church (UPCI) of Clarksburg reports having had a phenomenal finance seminar recently with John F. Harrison, who is not only an ordained Apostolic minister but also a Certified Financial Planner. Pastor Doug Joseph writes, “Bro. Harrison blessed our church marvelously. He helped us establish a needed endowment and a much needed Rabbi Trust, as well as answering financial questions for church members and providing very helpful counsel. The seminar was astounding! We cannot overemphasize how much you need to connect with him for your church ministry!”

Rev. Harrison is founder and president of Aspire Financial Advisors, and he may be contacted through their website at aspirefa.com.

Rev. Harrison is author of an excellent book entitled "Making Mammon Serve You" which Pastor Doug Joseph says "is an invaluable resource every church member needs to read." The book is available on sites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or you can obtain it directly from Aspire Financial Advisors.