The WV Sunday School Department Says “Thank You”

August 5, 2014

West Virginia District Ministers and Sunday School Teachers:

Greetings in the saving name of Jesus!

This past year has proven to be one of great success and unity for the entire WV District as well as for the Sunday School Department.  This year’s Save Our Children offering enjoyed a 100% increase in both total offering and participation.  At least nine young people received the gift of the Holy Ghost during our Children’s Crusades. The attendance of Sunday School Camp also doubled this year with a total of 23 receiving the Holy Ghost. God has truly blessed us abundantly.

Many churches have shown their support this year through great offerings, prayers, and attendance at Sunday School events. We are truly thankful to you all. In addition, many churches have gone above and beyond and deserve special recognition.

  • Christian Apostolic Church in Clarksburg hosted a children’s crusade, provided housing for the evangelist, and kept the evangelist on for Sunday services.
  • Keystone Apostolic Church also hosted a children’s crusade and housed the evangelist as well as covered the expenses for our teacher training seminar.
  • Riverside Apostolic Church was integral in this year’s Junior Bible Quizzing season and also hosted, staffed, and covered all costs of the Children’s Crusade at District Conference.
  • North Charleston Apostolic Church provided the audio/video equipment and technicians for camp free of charge.
  • Solid Rock provided all concessions for camp.
  • Apostolic Life Cathedral prepared all of the meals and provided all of the food for camp free of charge. In addition Life Cathedral donated the majority of the cost for the inflatable and waterslide rentals, recreational equipment, and the prizes for both camp and the District Conference services.

I believe the success that we have enjoyed this year is due to the wonderful support from around the District. God has proven what can be accomplished when his people come together in unity.

The WV District Sunday School Team thanks all of you for your confidence and assistance. We look toward this next year with great anticipation to see what God has in store for the WV District. Together we can continue to strive for excellence in ministry to OUR KIDS.

Sincerely in Christ,
Rev. Jacob Isaac Pack
WV District Sunday School Director

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