Really Weird Weather! Fast Approaching Storm (06-21-2011, Clarksburg, WV)

When we saw this oncoming storm, we shut down work on preparing our fireworks tent in the Sam's Club parking lot in Clarksburg, WV on 06-21-2011. The leading edge of the storm was comprised of some of the fastest moving clouds I've ever seen, with some of the weirdest claws (down-reaching fingers) I've ever seen. The heavy rain and strong wind that soon came well justified us shutting down the work.

2 Replies to “Really Weird Weather! Fast Approaching Storm (06-21-2011, Clarksburg, WV)”

  1. looks like a tornado to me…we have them here all the time! Thank God it didn’t fully develop!

    1. There was a tinge of green. Somehow the conditions for a full tornado were not all present. It was some of the most amazing weather I’ve ever witnessed!

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