Public Schools: Key Site for ‘Soft Jihad’

Pull-out quote from the article:

In some instances students have been required to participate in learning activities in which they pretend they're Muslims, wear Islamic garb, memorize verses from the Quran, pray to Allah, and even play "jihad games."

The followers of Mohammed have a long tradition of taking the children of Christians and indoctrinating them to become fanatical soldiers. Called "Janissaries" (new soldiers), these children -- as Dr. D. James Kennedy explained in his sermon "Training Your Children" -- "had been taken as young children and had been taught the doctrines of Mohammedanism, and when they grew older, they were taught the arts of warfare." In 1453, when Constantinople was sacked, 20,000 of these children of Christians, turned into rapacious warriors, led the charge.

When Dr. Kennedy preached his sermon in 1993, he used the example of the Jannisaries to show how humanist teaching was carrying away the children of Christians. In 2011, we are beginning to see the earlier history of the Jannisaries being repeated as children in public schools are now being "taught the doctrines of Mohammedanism," while their own Christian religion is defamed.

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