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Dear Fellow Pastors,

Greetings in Jesus! This is Pastor Doug Joseph. One precious minister’s wife in our church, Penny B., has said, “I’m thanking God every single day for Brother Steve Grohman having come to our church.” More on her story in a moment. I’ll be brief.

Rev. Steve Grohman

The “Walk in Faith” meeting that Rev. Steve Grohman is doing around the country is the exact opposite of a “flashy healing ministry.” In the series he teaches in measured tones how to live a holy, repentant lifestyle in true obedience to the Word of God, and he shows how doing so removes hindrances to our faith. He doesn’t call anyone out. There are no antics. He has some real insights from the Word of God into this important topic and related issues, such as how forgiving and letting go of past hurts and mistakes is needful in order to live life in abundance, with the balance and health God intended for human beings.

Lessons available in the "Walk in Faith" series
Lessons available in the "Walk in Faith" series

For the first time in years, Penny (the minister’s wife I spoke of earlier) has been sleeping soundly all through the night, and the longtime pain in her hands is gone. She said the Lord is also healing the perpetual numbness in her feet. Another precious man in our church, Andrew C., has had a personal epiphany, thanks to the Grohman’s excellent teaching ministry, with a realization of faith that God could and would use him, as an individual believer, to minister to his terminally ill father in prayer.

Walk in Faith Materials / Study Guide
Walk in Faith Materials

The prognosis was dire. Surgery was scheduled to remove his dad’s voice box (only if the cancer had not spread further) in hopes for a meager extension of remaining life. If the cancer had spread further, they would sew him up and his life was pretty much over. Andrew thoroughly sought God with a repentant heart, and then he went to pray for his dad. The surgery took half the time it was supposed to, and the doctors said they did not need to remove the voice box, as the cancer that was shown there on their scans was not present after all.

Walk in Faith Study Guide
Walk in Faith Study Guide

Later, as the dad spoke words of gratitude to his son, Andrew said, “We should not be able to have this conversation. God granted you a miracle.” A family member later asked the dad about prayer, and he replied, “The power is in Andrew’s hands!” Andrew told us yesterday, “Just wait until next Sunday night. I will have another testimony.”

Lately, in a delayed benefit from the “Walk in Faith” series, we are having more and more testimonies of God’s healing all the time. You really ought to have the Grohmans come and bless your congregation with this series—and their excellent Creation Seminar, as well!

Warm and kind regards,
Pastor Doug Joseph
Christian Apostolic Church
Clarksburg, WV