Purpose Institute – Morgantown Campus

With the final classes being taught today, the First Semester of PI - Morgantown Campus will be complete.  What a wonderful time we have enjoyed.

Students and Instructors, alike, have braved the roads to take time studying, and teaching for excellence in the Kingdom!  Our Lord and Savior Jesus is worthy of our best.  [And] the lost need our best.

We are excited, and looking forward, to the start of Second Semester, PI - Morgantown Campus.  First classes are January 27 & 28, 2012.  Take advantage of the opportunity to "sharpen the sickle while still in the field."  Sign up TODAY!  www.purposeinstitute.com Register! Enroll! Prepare!

The Staff of WV PI pray you have a wonderful time during the Holidays.  May the Joy of the Lord be your strength.

In His Plan,

Everett Davenport

WV District Purpose Institute Campus Manager/Morgantown Campus Dean