Superintendent’s Communiqué

January 24, 2011

Dear West Virginia District Family,

Christian greetings from beautiful Potomac Highlands!

By now you have completed your plans for the New Year and are well on your way to implementing them. 2011 holds for us the promise of fresh growth and revival for our families, churches, and district. Sister Garlitz and I are so grateful for your love and kindness this past year and especially during the time of her surgery and rehab. I have been learning how to cook, do her hair, and be a nurse. I know you are saying it’s about time ... smile! In 2011, I have been allowed to run things at my house ... vacuum, dishwasher, clothes washer, etc. ENOUGH!

As was announced last year, I will not be available for the office of District Superintendent at the conference this year. The 18 years you have honored me to serve this district have been most wonderful. I trust you are sincerely praying and seeking God’s direction for the leadership of this great fellowship as we enter a new decade.

Notes of Interest:

  • Welcome home Bro. and Sis. Robert Fazzalore after serving one year with the General Home Missions Division. We missed you!
  • Special prayer for Bro Richard Glass who had heart valve replacement surgery.
  • Bro and Sis Fred Kitchen need you prayers.
  • The 2011 events calendar is available (and update-able) online here:
  • Remember, we will be having Sectional Conferences this year, prior to the annual Spring Conference, which will be held at the Riverside Apostolic Church in Morgantown, May 11-13, 2011. This is the year we will elect our superintendent and department directors (with the exception of Home Missions, which occurs on alternate years). Remember that all licensed ministers are eligible to vote.
  • The district board will be in session during the upcoming Youth Congress. If you need license or upgrades, this is the time to do it. Please contact your presbyter for information or any questions.
  • The History Book of the West Virginia District ... from the upper room to the present ... is at the printers. We hope to have them in hand before too long. An order form (hardcopy) was enclosed with this letter by postal mail. We hope to have an online ordering system up soon. Check the WV District UPCI website for updates on this.

Blessings to each of you,
Daniel Garlitz,
District Superintendent
West Virginia District, UPCI