August 19 District Letter from the Superintendent

August 19, 2014

WV District
United Pentecostal Church International

Greetings in the Holy & Righteous Name of Jesus Christ!

Dear Brethren of Like Precious Faith,

As incredible as it seems we are now three fourths of this year in the history book. The world around us continues to reel back and forth with all the drama that has unfolded before our very eyes. The day of the Lord is coming over the horizon and the catching away of the Bride of Christ is near even at the door. Prepare Prepare Prepare!

I was in a restaurant on Friday and the waitress said “the fall specials…” I interrupted her and said, “Please, we are still trying to hold on to summer.”

It seems we have been in a whirlwind of activity since the district conference.

Let me bring you up to date and comment on a number of things today.

Immediately following the district conference Sister Hudson and I had the honor of traveling to Israel as guests of the Ministry of Tourism and the State of Israel along with the Executive Board of the UPCI. Brother and Sister Garlitz also traveled with us. It was a most unique and historic trip that will probably never be repeated in the manner we had.

The Bible Quiz State Finals took place on June 14th with a great day of quizzing. After the dust settled the results were as follows:


  • 1st Place – Riverside Apostolic Church
  • 2nd Place –Chesapeake Apostolic Church


  • 1st Place – Riverside Apostolic Church
  • 2nd Place – Solid Rock Worship Center


  • 1st Place – Solid Rock Worship Center
  • 2nd Place – Keystone Apostolic Church
  • 3rd Place – Riverside Apostolic Church

Solid Rock, Chesapeake and Riverside all went to Branson, MO to represent WV in the Nationals. We are blessed to have quality teams representing us nationally. God bless all of our quizzers, coaches, officials and supporters of Bible Quizzing in WV.

Brother Pack and Brother Clutter also reported in their letter posted online if you have not seen it the following:

“This year’s Save Our Children offering enjoyed a 100% increase in both total offering and participation.  At least nine (9) young people received the gift of the Holy Ghost during our Children’s Crusades. The Sunday School Camp had a total of 23 receiving the Holy Ghost. God has truly blessed us abundantly. Camp Speakers Randy Mocaby and Tim Rimmer did an outstanding job.

Many churches have gone above and beyond and deserve special recognition.

Christian Apostolic Church in Clarksburg hosted a children’s crusade, provided housing for the evangelist, and kept the evangelist on for Sunday services.

Keystone Apostolic Church also hosted a children’s crusade and housed the evangelist as well as covered the expenses for our teacher training seminar.

Riverside Apostolic Church was integral in this year’s Junior Bible Quizzing season and also hosted, staffed, and covered all costs of the Children’s Crusade at District Conference.

North Charleston Apostolic Church provided the audio/video equipment and technicians for camp free of charge.

Solid Rock provided all concessions for camp.

Apostolic Life Cathedral prepared all of the meals and provided all of the food for camp free of charge. In addition Life Cathedral donated the majority of the cost for the inflatable and waterslide rentals, recreational equipment, and the prizes for both camp and the District Conference services.”

The Youth Camp had a 45% increase in campers this year and have nearly run out of room at the Rippling Waters Campground. Night crowds filled the auditorium and Camp Evangelist Aaron Bounds—one of our own, now in Ohio—did and exceptional job communicating with the youth of WV.

July 20-22 we hosted a bus to the Annual Summit in Washington D.C. of the ‘Christians United For Israel.’ We had some 19 on our bus including pastors Pitsenbarger, Joseph, and Whetzel, and our Camp Meeting Teacher, Rick Wyser. Another eight drove in from WV so we had a good delegation from WV. The meeting was most timely in light of recent events in the Middle East and every speaker did an outstanding job of communicating. It was certainly educational for sure.

August 5-8 we had our Family Camp Meeting at Life Cathedral in Huntington. Evangelist Brian Kinsey and Daytime Teacher Rick Wyser did an outstanding job of ministering in every service. The DVD’s & CD’s are available from Life Cathedral and they will bless you. Pastor Harper and the Life Cathedral staff hosted us with their kindness and wonderful after-service meals. All in all it was a blessed four nights and three days of meetings.

During the Thursday night service the WV District Purpose Institute under the direction of Director Everett Davenport graduated nine students from Purpose Institute. It was a milestone for our district. We are indebted to the vision of Brother Garlitz and the efforts of lots of people to bring us to where we are at today. We now have three campuses in Clarksburg, Moorefield and Huntington. The plan is to have a campus in each section.

Also in the Thursday night service we recognized Sister Elsie Shelton who, at 95 years of age, is to our knowledge the ‘Oldest Living Apostolic’ in the State of West Virginia.
C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S to Sister Shelton!!

During our District Board Meeting in May and Board Meeting and Department Planning Session during the Camp Meeting the following men were licensed:

In May:

  • Aaron Arthur from Keyser(Pastor Garlitz) Local License
  • Jerrad Lewis from New Martinsville (Pastor Joe Adkins) Local License
  • Matt Nicholson from Wellsburg (Pastor Walbrown) Local License
  • Eric Hopkins from Vienna (Pastor Dan Hopkins) Local License
  • Jose Mena from Moorefield (Pastor Whetzel) General License
    (1st Spanish Licensed Pastor in WV)
  • Stephen Kuntzman from Huntington (Pastor Harper) Ordination

In August:

  • Derek Sammons from Tornado (Pastor Wilson Hudson) Local License
  • Nathaniel Hudson from Morgantown (Pastor David Hudson) General License


  • September 5 – Sheaves For Christ Intersection Rallies
    • Sections 1 & 2 in Accident, MD
    • Sections 3-4-5 at Life Cathedral in Huntington
  • September 18-19 – Esther Conference (girls 10-15 years of age) at Keystone Apostolic in Charleston. WV Ladies Ministries in charge.
  • September 23 - From Brother Matthew Runyon: A conference call to discuss the BQ 2015 season.  If interested please contact or 304-550-9443 or have a representative from your church do so.
  • September 26-27 – Timothy Conference @ Cross Lanes Comfort Inn (Ministers & Aspiring Ministers 40 years of age and under). Rev. Anthony Moss in charge.
  • September 30 – October 3 — UPCI General Conference in St. Louis, MO.
    • We will be having a very large WV District display during this conference. You will want to stop by. Randy Mocaby and Nathaniel Reed are in charge of the display organizing details. Jimmy & Brenda Keefer & Terry & Karen Null (health permitting) will be working the booth. You will like the booth.
  • October 19 – ALL NATIONS SUNDAY
  • November 7 – WV Missions Launch Event Section 1 – Riverside (Hudson)
  • November 14 -WV Missions Launch Event Section 2 – Moorefield (Whetzel)
  • November 21 –WV Missions Launch Event Section 3 – Parkersburg (Bounds)
  • December 5 -   WV Missions Launch Event Section 5 – Charleston (Moss)
  • December 12- WV Missions Launch Event Section 4 – Huntington (Mills)


  • Please remember Brother John Fairburn as his precious wife Sally passed away the end of May.
  • Requests from our board meeting:
    • Rev. James Williamson
    • Rev. Richard Glass (Has been having heart issues)
    • Rev. Kenneth Perine (Needs strength)
    • Rev. Carlos Lewis (In an assisted living home)
    • Rev. Isaac Withrow
    • Rev. Dale Pitsenbarger’s Mother
    • Rev. Joel Sites Mother – Debbie Sites (Cancerous Brain tumor)
    • Rev. David Greever’s wife Stephanie (Experiencing serious B/P and heart rate problems)
    • Rev. Daniel Coleman & Wife Sue Coleman
    • Rev. Doug Joseph’s Mother Jeanette Joseph (Cancer)
    • Rachel Claypool (mini-strokes) former pastor’s wife
    • John Cole ( Cancer)
    • Elder John Hurely
  •  Also:
    • Rev. Robert Keenan, facing a third challenge of cancer, desires prayers. Surgery is not an option but will be receiving chemotherapy treatments. Will be having a biopsy soon to determine the type of cancer.
    • Evangelist Terry Null (Iron transfusions and further tests. Is off the field for at least three weeks)
    • Rev. George Cross from Philippi (Will be undergoing chemo treatment for confirmed cancer spots on the lung and another area of body. He as also just come through heart surgery recently)
    • The Malawi A-Team led by Rev. Daniel Garlitz —Special Crusade Services in Salima September 2-8.


  • We continue to rejoice with Rev. Michael and Kelly Adkins regarding the M-I-R-A-C-L-E of their son Caleb. Caleb was unconscious for some ten minutes and underwater when he was life flighted to St. Francis Hospital in Charleston. The mighty hand of God was upon Caleb as God restored life to Caleb. Brother Adkins just reported to me within the last week or so that Caleb was back on his ball team playing ball. Glory To God! We rejoice with you Brother and Sister Adkins. I know they thank all of you who prayed, visited and called. It meant so much as was most encouraging.
  • Also we rejoice with Christian Apostolic Church in Clarksburg, the Renee Bargo Family, and parents Rev. & Mrs. Freddie Parkins. Renee has been extremely ill with stage 4 cancer and at many points of the process not expected to live but Praise God prayer was made and Sister Renee Bargo has made phenomenal improvements and has been released from the hospital in Morgantown. Indeed it is a M-I-R-A-C-L-E!!!!!

In closing I will tell you what I just told my church in a letter:

Remember these are uncertain days. I am telling Riverside ‘in the Spirit’ to prepare yourselves spiritually and your home. I would strongly suggest you stockpile some staples to have in reserve. I am also telling you ‘in the Spirit’ we are in closing days. Keep your heart right. DO NOT allow the atmosphere of the world to disillusion you and captivate your mind in other directions. Remain focused looking upward for we know our redemption is drawing close at hand.

God Bless as I humbly, sincerely and respectfully remain,
Rev. David M. Hudson