2011 Junior Bible Quizzing

2011 Junior Bible Quiz Verses
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  1. Thank you, Bro Rounds!

    Your uploaded image conveys the information far better than plain text would have.

    I wanted to mention that I found a neat work-around for an issue affecting posts that contain only images.

    Due to our main front page being programmed to display only text summaries of all the articles (with their titles as clickable links to the full article) any post containing only an image would appear on the main front page as a clickable title … with no article summary text under it. On the main front page the entry would look almost like an empty post.

    So, here is the work around:

    There are two ways that the site can “get” the summary text to display on the front page.

    1. Most articles usually don’t have anything typed into the “Excerpt” field (by the author during editing). For all such articles, the site simply uses the first few characters of the article itself as the summary (i.e. from the beginning of the main body of the post).
    2. But for any articles where the author puts a specific bit of text into the “Excerpt” field, then that text gets used as the summary.

    For your article above, I added some text to the “Excerpt” field, and that text now shows on the main front page (as I hoped), but not on the full display of the article (thus it does not detract from the post appearing exactly how you intended).

    I hope that is OK. Feel free to use the Excerpt field in that way (or of course in the way it was intended to be used as well). Thanks for all you do! We really appreciate you.

    Bro Doug Joseph
    Site Admin

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