Pastoral Opportunity: Wonderful people, great facility (paid for)


New Martinsville, WV ~ These wonderful people, with a beautiful facility (paid for!), are holding together the New Life Apostolic Church of New Martinsville, WV, while praying and believing for a pastor to come and shepherd them. There are souls to be won. The congregation has money in the bank. There is great potential for revival. Please submit your ministerial resume to the Section 1 Presbyter, Pastor Doug Joseph, and call him (304-629-1196) to inquire about visiting to minister to the people!

About Doug Joseph

Doug and LaDonna Joseph have four great kids. Doug serves the WV & western MD District (UPCI) as Presbyter for Section 1, and as a Site Admin for the district's various web sites. He previously served District Director of North American Missions, during which an all-time record "Christmas For Christ" offering was gathered for domestic missions. He also serves as Pastor of Christian Apostolic Church, in Clarksburg, WV. He is author of "The Skyport Chronicles" series of novels (including "New Immortal," "Tesseract," and "The Last Bye"), all available on or, and "Life and Ministry of Billy and Shirley Cole" (as told by the same to Doug and LaDonna Joseph) -- order at
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