Dues (Set Up Auto-Pay)

Simplify things. No needless effort. Set up your WV UPCI ministerial dues payment as an automatic, easy monthly debit. Note: To have payments occur on a certain day of each month, do set-up on that date. Just click your level & follow the easy steps. Thank you!

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4 Responses to Dues (Set Up Auto-Pay)


    I do not like PayPal as it deducts almost $3.00 from your dues. I would rather pay with a credit card.

    • Admin says:

      Dear Bro Huntington

      We really appreciate your desire to spare the district the merchant fees! However, bear in mind that the cost (merchant fee) to accept payments by credit card is practically identical to the cost to accept payments via PayPal.

      The only way we know to pay without any significant added cost (merchant fee) is either Dwolla.com (which we have used for our local church, but have not approached the district) or manually sending the money via PayPal as a “gift” (a friend-to-friend type service). That (gifting) can be done without any fees, but it cannot be automated! Dwolla.com can automate it, and only charges $0.25 per transaction.

  2. Nathaniel Hudson says:


    You are doing a fabulous job and have created the top district websites in our fellowship keeping WV on the map. People do not know how much effort this is, but they need to. Thanks for your hard work, dedication and selflessness for these projects.


    • Admin says:

      Thanks, friend!

      I have now uploaded the database of ministers, and I am culling through the online accounts in order to preserve the pre-existing log-ins of ministers who had already joined the main site, while not having any dupes from me having uploaded the list. It is a bit tedious, but it will only have to be done once.

      So, our district directory is now online. It will be easy to maintain since each minister can edit his own info as needed, and the district office will be able to edit as needed. It will always be up-to-date.

      The interface for accessing/editing individual records is done, but I have not yet built a full interface for public access to the entire list. So, next I will turn my attention to that. Then we will have our directory be easily usable and accessible for our ministers and leaders. Also, the list is secured so that no one but our ministers and leaders can access it publicly.

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