NAM-WV emergency fund helps missionary

Yesterday's massive storm knocked out electric power for many thousands of people across Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. Our region's TNT fireworks representative, Gale Collins, said 53 of their 72 fireworks tents in the region were knocked down. Stores quickly sold out of all generators, such that none could be found across a multi-state area. Reports indicated that in Ohio, some 630,000 were without power, and in West Virginia, more than 500,000 were without power, across 27 counties.

The WV District's North American Missions administrative team faced quite a challenge in finding a generator to be purchased for use by the Pentecostals of Parkersburg, a mission work led by missionary Frank Bounds. The Bounds had no electricity at church or at home. The nearest available generator was finally located about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA. The store there was willing to hold it, but only until their closing time of 9:00 pm. Getting there by then proved to be very difficult, but we made it.

A $1,000 generator, plus connection hardware found at another store, were purchased using NAM-WV emergency funds, along with donations from Christian Apostolic Church, Clarksburg, and Abundant Life Tabernacle, Wheeling. Late that night the generator, and the resources needed to hook it up, were placed into the hands of the missionary. The generator is to remain property of NAM-WV, in case of future emergencies.

Thank you for giving to North American Missions/West Virginia Missions through Christmas For Christ. Your giving makes such help possible.