“Church In A Day” in Hamilton, OH — set for 10/19/2012

A new "Church In A Day" is set for 10/19/2012 in Hamilton, OH — Want to help? WV could easily donate the cost of their main entry door. If you can help by donating a small amount, please contact WV NAM Dir. Doug Joseph (email NAMdir@wvupci.org - phone 304-629-1196). If you would like to go and help work/build, please contact Evangelist Fred Ray (email: Refresh_Ministries@yahoo.com - phone 304-360-2770).

2 Replies to ““Church In A Day” in Hamilton, OH — set for 10/19/2012”

  1. I am so looking forward to this. Being with God’s people and serving the Lord. I am not a skilled worker , but I know how to clean and do what is ever is asked of me. I am praying for the weather to be perfect to build God’s house.

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