Important Missions Updates

Doug Joseph, full resolution promotional photo
Doug Joseph, North American Missions Dir. for WV and western MD

Pastor Doug Joseph writes, "In the year I was born (1967), the UPCI's combined North American missions efforts transitioned from having no specific funding to having an annual drive for missions giving, called Christmas For Christ. Ever since, West Virginia has consistently played a crucial role in giving to missions. (With the addition of the UPCI churches of western Maryland, we gained even more support in setting the trend for missions giving). This year we're approaching a great milestone! With your help, the 2012 drive will propel our district's cumulative giving (since the beginning in 1967) beyond $800,000! What an amazing contribution from the Mountain State! Not only that, but when we reach and surpass our 2012 goal for Christmas For Christ, which is $33,333.33, we will also have set an all-time record for annual giving as well."

Our district's North American Missions director continued, "One reason we're so confident that our district is going to reach these two milestones, is the exciting new 'Christmas Cards For Christ' method we're pioneering this year. We've prepared both envelopes and special Christmas cards for the families of all our churches. We will provide them to each pastor. When each church holds a CFC Launch Sunday approximately a couple of months before Christmas, then each family gets to choose (from the altar) a card with a missions-giving commitment ranging somewhere between $1 and $100. When the CFC Offering Sunday comes (prior to Christmas), then each family brings their Christmas card to church, with their offering check in the envelope as well. Every church that does this will see a dramatic increase in missions giving!"

Brother Joseph added, "Please pray for all our North American missionaries, and especially for Pastor Frank Bounds, a North American missionary planting a new church right here in West Virginia, in the city of Parkersburg. Did you know that because of your giving to CFC, when the massive storm knocked out power for so many earlier this year, we were able to buy a generator so Bro. Bounds was able to have electricity? Did you know that CFC funds have helped him and many other missionaries over the years with the planting of new churches in our district, many of which are still thriving to this day? Also, don't miss the special North American Missions service at the UPCI General Conference in St. Louis, on Thursday, October 4, 2012, at 7:00 pm, with special speaker Jimmy Toney. You will be blessed in this powerful event!"