On course for setting a record! Plus: address where to send CFC

This is Doug Joseph, with heartfelt greetings to our WV District fellowship, from North American Missions and WV Missions.

This coming Sunday (January 20) is the appointed final date for local churches to collect CFC funds. It’s not the deadline for having them postmarked to our department secretary, but is the deadline for collecting.

Soon you will receive in the mail a pre-addressed envelope from our department secretary of WV-Missions & N.A. Missions, Pastor David Forsythe. If your church should desire to mail your offering prior to getting that envelope, please mail it to him at his PO box address:

Bro David Forsythe
PO Box 3068
Wheeling, WV 26003

Thanks for all you do. We are so excited about our district’s dedication to missions giving. Statistics show that local churches that give to external needs have more money for their own internal needs. To love the lost and to give for the planting of new churches will surely be part of a church that God chooses to bless.

We are seeing signs that the churches of WV and western Maryland are on course to set an all-time record in missions giving via Christmas For Christ.

Our own North American Missionary, Pastor Frank Bounds, has seen their church’s giving to CFC double this year, over last year’s already excellent offering. God bless the Pentecostals of Parkersburg!

God bless the Riverton church, which, even without a pastor at this time, more than doubled their offering over last year.

Also, God bless New Life Tabernacle, of Cumberland Maryland, where Pastor Richard Glass has seen over a sevenfold increase in their offering over last year. He says that their participation in the awesome new Christmas Cards for Christ program played a major role in that increase.

There are others that we’ll thank in a future message. Because of your giving, we are changing the climate for church planting across North America. Please join us in prayer that God would send forth laborers to help plant new churches in WV and western Maryland.