WV District poised to set an all-time record in missions-giving

It is not yet a given, but it is very, very doable, and getting closer all the time to being ready for the history books! Earlier we reported the progress was at 76%. When we started this morning, that was the case. However, as the day has progressed, quite a few more churches in WV and western MD have conveyed their willingness to give, such that currently (as of 6:25 pm, on February 5, 2013) the WV District is over 93% of the way toward setting an all-time record offering to missions through Christmas For Christ! We’re also shooting for 100% participating, regardless of a church’s offering amount, large or small. Can you send something for Christmas For Christ? If so, please mail your check as soon as possible, made out to "WV NAM," and addressed to: Pastor David Forsythe, PO Box 3068, Wheeling WV, 26003.