Profile of Joel & Angela Sites


Joel Sites family - Blaine, Angela, Wil, Joel and Joel-Mathias
Blaine, Angela, Wil, Joel and Joel-Mathias

Joel Sites joined the WV Youth Ministries team in 2011 as the Section 4 Youth Representative and was elected as Youth President in the spring of 2013. The Sites reside in Charleston, WV, where they also serve as Associate Pastor of the Hometown Apostolic Church in Hometown, WV. In addition, Joel works as a graphic designer for an international energy-supply corporation, and is the founding partner of Creative Sites Design in Charleston, WV. He is a 2002 graduate of West Virginia State University.

Joel believes that even though today’s youth face great challenges, they are also hungry to see God’s truth and power manifested in their generation. Standing ready to be challenged, and poised to do great things, the potential in today’s youth is limitless! He believes that holding firm to Apostolic teaching, identity, and lifestyle, while being aware of new challenges and opportunities in today’s post-modern world, will allow the church to experience unparalleled revival.

A product of his heritage, Joel is a fourth-generation Apostolic minister and gives much credit to his grandfather and pastor of 18 years, the late Rev. B.J. Sowards.  He is blessed to serve with his wife Angela and they are thankful for three healthy boys, Blaine (4), Joel (3) and William (1).

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