Profile of Norman Mills

Norman Mills, Sixth District Superintendent
Norman Mills, Sixth District Superintendent of the (then) WV District UPCI (now WV & western MD District)

Norman Mills, served as District Superintendent from 1983 - 1991, and currently is an Honorary District Superintendent of the WV & western MD District of the United Pentecostal  Church International.

Norman Mills’ walk with God began in 1953 as a member of the 25th Street Pentecostal Church. He attended Texas Bible College, and then served as the assistant pastor of the 25th Street Pentecostal Church. He was elected pastor of the Valley Point Pentecostal Church in September 1970, and served there for 20 years. In January 1991, he returned to Huntington to pastor the 25th Street Pentecostal Church, serving until November 19, 2009. Norman Mills has served in many positions in the West Virginia District, including District Youth Secretary and District Youth President. He was elected as a District Presbyter, then District Secretary Treasurer, after which he was elected as the District Superintendent. He was made an Honorary District Superintendent, and has served a total of 35 years on the District Board. Norman Mills has always served with diligence. His tenure as Superintendent advanced the district to new levels, as he worked to improve the facilities of the district campground and promote the district to excellence.