Local Church to Get Land for New Location

Future home of Christian Apostolic Church
The seller (on the left -- he's tall!) receiving earnest money from Pastor Joseph on behalf of CAC. 🙂

Clarksburg (Lost Creek), WV - Christian Apostolic Church (UPCI), has agreed to buy 7.2 acres of meadow land adjacent to Interstate 79 and located only a couple tenths of a mile from an exit off the interstate. Pastor Doug Joseph writes, "Our church has long sought to get a better location. Property in our area is very expensive. If land is in a good location it is extremely expensive. After years of looking and praying, we eventually resolved to just have faith and patiently wait for God to help. God has answered in a big way. Long story short: Today we met with the owner, and entered into a purchase agreement for land in a great location. Several of our church members were there, including Elders, Board members, and Saints. It is with great joy and excitement that we announce that CAC will, if the Lord tarries, eventually move to a new location that is much better than our current location. The meadow land is beautiful. We praise the Lord for His great BLESSINGS! Hallelujah!" (Photos by Elder David Harris Jr.)

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  1. Praise the Lord for His blessings & mercy! I can just see a finished product on the land now… A wonderful church with a bell in the steeple, ringing out over the country side, like churches USED TO DO when I grew up & even in my younger years. Hoops, goal posts, nets for ball playing, a small track for training & exercising… And I can see children and adults doing Bible camp there also, with a building for the cooking/eating and two more buildings—guys quarters & girls quarters—as well as tents and campers. And I think I even saw water in one of the field pictures. That could be the early makings for a fish pond, with a small but beautiful rose garden close to the pond, and picnic tables, as well as some benches and a couple of grills to cook on for church picnics. And a BIG WIDE PARKING LOT—big enough to get buses in & out of when you have guest singers, without the normal parking being a problem for the buses. Do you see the same vision I do? If not that’s OK… (that’s only what I see). Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you, Sis Sparks! Believe it or not, several of your ideas had already occurred to us, either to one member or another. One brother had already mentioned a fish pond, and the picnic tables, grills, and even pavilions, had all already been mentioned. Having a creek flow through the property limits where we can build, and so there may not be room for everything you envisioned (the camp dorms might be beyond our scope), but we’re basically on the same page! Thank you again for the great vision and the encouraging words!

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