Healing and Holy Ghost Revival

2010-09-05 CAC Revival - People who either were healed, filled, or baptized

Above: Many of the people who were healed and/or filled with the Holy Ghost, and all three of those who were water baptized in Jesus name.

Below are just some of the great things God did at our awesome “Healing & Holy Ghost Revival” this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Christian Apostolic Church. Our special speaker was Evangelist Felix Crowder.

Friday night: Miracles, Healings, & an 8-year-old filled with the Holy Ghost

2010-09-03-CAC-revival-Mallory-Maul-filled-HG-4 2010-09-03-CAC-revival-Mallory-Maul-filled-HG-7

On Friday night, we counted seven miraculous healings, and an 8-year-old was filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues powerfully! That was only her second visit to our church.

Above: Centered (together): Sister Shawna (left) and Sister Christina (right)

Among those who received a healing touch was Sis Shawna, who removed a wrist brace after the Lord touched a damaged ligament, and Sis Christina, who removed a wrist wrap bandage after the Lord touched a sore, sprained wrist.

Saturday night: More Miracles & Healings

2010-09-04-CAC-revival-w-Felix-Crowder-(05) 2010-09-04-CAC-revival-w-Felix-Crowder-(03) 2010-09-04-CAC-revival-w-Felix-Crowder-(01)
Above: Sis Rachel freed from 20 years of pain, & a knot on her neck went down!

Sis Rachel was healed from a 20-year long pain and stiffness in her neck and delivered from a knot/cyst in her neck that she had for years. The knot, which was about the size of a jawbreaker gum ball, went down in size drastically and has almost vanished. It is currently only about the size of a pea.

Above: Bro Jim was freed from pain, and little Jamie sought God in the altar.

Bro Jim was touched both physically and spiritually. The Lord took away all the pain in his side. He wept and rejoiced and danced before the Lord.

Above: Elder Harris received a great touch of healing in his shoulders!

Elder David Harris Jr had suffered terrible pain and stiffness in his shoulders, and had surgeries which were unable to completely correct the problems. The Lord touched him during the revival service, and he demonstrated God’s touch by picking up a large speaker cabinet and carrying it on his shoulders!

Above: Sis Freda sparked faith in everyone’s heart.

Sis Freda walked all around! Praise the Lord!

Sunday: More Miraculous Healings, & Three Filled With the Spirit and Baptized!

Above: Sister Cheryl (center)

On Sunday morning, Cheryl (seen in the center of the above photo) was filled with the Holy Ghost and ran and danced all around the church. She was also water baptized in Jesus name the same service. When she first came to CAC several months ago, she was very ill and dangerously thin. Since then God has blessed to regain health and strength.

Above: Sister Becky, praising God, and being water baptized in Jesus name

Becky (seen in pictures above) was filled with the Holy Ghost, and she was water baptized in Jesus name during the evening service of the same day.

Above: Sister Rhonda (center)

Sis Rhonda (seen in the center of the above photo) was told many years ago (after a car accident) that she would never walk again. Over the years she was blessed to be able to walk with the help of a cane. However, the Lord further touched her during the revival, and she walked all around the church without using her cane. Days afterward she said, “All I know is that I am walking better. I still need a little help outside walking on grounds and in crowds, but nobody can tell me I didn't get a touch. I know I did.”

Above: Brother Terry water baptized in Jesus name, and standing with others who were blessed

On Sunday evening, in addition to Becky’s baptism, Terry (seen in pictures above—in the center of the second photo) was filled with the Holy Ghost and was water baptized in Jesus name.

Above: Sister Renee walked all around the church

During the same service, Sis Renee (seen in picture above), who had recently been unable to even shuffle her feet, got up from her wheel chair and walked all around the church! Her father testified that she had definitely received a touch from the Lord enabling her to walk.

There were many other great things that happened. These are just a few of the blessings God bestowed.

PS: The following Wednesday (last night) we saw another one, Carissa, filled with the Holy Ghost!