Fla. Teacher Exonerated, Reinstated

The school board in Lake County, Florida, has reinstated teacher Jerry Buell who was removed from the classroom last week over comments he posted on his personal Facebook page expressing his disapproval of the legalization of homosexual "marriage" in New York. Read the full article on OneNewsNow.com.

Social Networking Bridges

Earlier we posted that we had established the bridge from the district’s new web site and the WVUPCI Twitter account, meaning those who follow us on Twitter will automatically know something new has been posted here.

Now we have established the bridge from the district’s new web site and the district’s Facebook account. This means we can send published posts over to WV UPCI's Facebook. (Note: We ask that you click there and "LIKE" the page (become a fan), as we need at least 25 fans before we can obtain a "friendly" URL for the page. Thanks!)

This also means that anyone can log into the WV UPCI site by using your Facebook login. Logging into one will log you into the other. You can also post comments with that login. (Creation of an account on this site is a simple step on your first time in.)

C is for Coolness.

There's a kids song that says "C is for Cookie." Well, in the UPCI, C is for Church. We think Church = Coolness. So, adopting that dual meaning into UPC (or WVUPCI, to be more specific) leads us to our new #hashword on Twitter: #wvupcoolness

Try it out the very next time you tweet something related to WV UPCI church life. We've made it our default #hashword for our WV UPCI posts on Twitter.

(Note: #Hashwords are an easy way for folks to participate in something cool, important, or noteworthy. #Hashwords also help organize the information stream on Twitter and make things easier to find in searches.)