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West Virginia District Youth Ministries
P.O. Box 638
Gauley Bridge, WV 25085

April 10, 2009

Dear Ministers of the West Virginia District,

I was very humbled by the vote of the brethren to elect me as your new youth president. My family and I will serve you to the best of our ability. We are looking forward to what God is going to do in the near future.

We are going to miss, my dear friend Bro. Fazzalore and his leadership in a great way, and are very thankful for all that he has done and accomplished in our great West Virginia district. I have enjoyed working with him and his family.

The youth team, as well as I am very excited of the future of our great district. We are in great expectation of what God is going to do in the hearts of our youth. We are moving forward with the mind of God and clear direction. We have a lot of things planned in the near future. Such as our missions trip to Costa Rica. Bro. Fazzalore and I will be taking a group of twenty from here in West Virginia to their general conference, where we will be conducting a Holy Ghost crusade. Please be in much prayer that God would fill many souls with the Holy Ghost! We will be leaving June 17th

Youth Camp is almost here! There has already been a lot of work accomplished at the camp this year. I want to thank our superintendent Bro. Garlitz, Bro. Priddy, and  Bro. Hurley and his crew for the new roof on the tabernacle. Two men from Bro. Kapp’s church and Bro. Bob Shelton have already been cutting grass and getting the grounds prepared for our kids. On June 11 & 12 there will be work days at the camp. I would love to see a great turn out of workers of all ages. Many of the youth team will be there as well. There will also be work days on July 9 and 10 as well as July 16 and 17.

Our camp evangelist this year is Evangelist Matthew Tuttle from Houston, TX.  Brother Tuttle is a full-time evangelist, a son of our UPCI missionaries to Holland, and a member of the Texas District Youth Committee.  He preached our master youth rally at district conference last year and God used him in an awesome way. We are looking forward to him ministering to us this year.

The dates for camp are as follows:

Sunday school camp dates are July 19-23 ages 8-12

Senior Youth camp dates July 26-30 ages 13 and up

Please note as well that we have combined both Junior and Senior High ages into one week.  To that end, the amount of workers and dorm counselors we will be able to use will be smaller than in years past.  Pastors, please inform your saints that anyone desiring to come to camp as a worker must submit a worker application to either Pastor P. D. Priddy or myself and be approved prior to arriving at camp!  You can find this application here on the WV District web site. This helps us plan more efficiently.  Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.

Thank you for your continued faithful support of the WV Youth Ministries. You make our ministry possible and for that we are very grateful. We do not take lightly the trust you place in us to make a positive spiritual impact in your young people. It is our sincere desire to strengthen your hands and reinforce the powerful truths of the Word of God that you proclaim to your youth every week in the local church.

In closing, let me say that in 2010 the West Virginia District Youth Department is wholeheartedly committed to faithfully fulfilling our mission at an even higher level of excellence and effectiveness.  Your youth committee team, youth secretary and I are here to serve you and your youth.  It is our sincere desire to equip our young people to be truly Apostolic in this last hour.

If I can be of service to you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

David Bounds Contact Info:
Home (304) 632-1691
Cell (304) 419-2612
Church (304) 632-2612

Living to give,
David Bounds

West Virginia District Youth President